“Sonic Colors Ultimate Edition” releases new elements such as rival racing, park tokens, custom props, etc. Introduction “Sonic Colors Ultimate”

Siya Co., Ltd. is expected to release the “Sonic Colorful Color Ultimate Edition》Information about the new elements “Rival Racing”, “Park Tokens”, and “Customized Items” will be released today.

  《Sonic Colorful Color Ultimate Edition“Is the latest work in the “Sonic” series after a gorgeous upgrade of the supersonic 3D action game “Sonic Colorful Colors” released in 2010. This game will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC (Epic Games Store).

[The following content provides the original information for the manufacturer]

Fight against Metal Sonic through “Rival Race”

If a certain number of red star rings are collected in the level, after defeating the regional boss, you will be able to challenge the “Rival Race” against Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic is a powerful enemy not to be underestimated! Players who have confidence in themselves, please take a challenge!

The race can be repeatedly challenged, but the reward for victory can only be obtained when you win for the first time. Some custom elements or concerts will be unlocked as the number of victories increases.

The in-game currency “Park Token” that can be used to unlock bonus content or continue the game

Added the in-game currency “Park Tokens” that can be obtained during the game! As long as you get a high score or achieve a record, you can get Paradise Tokens.

Tokens can not only unlock custom items and new music that can change Sonic’s appearance, but also enable the game to continue when challenge mode or game park fails.

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Decorate Sonic to your liking through “customized props”

You can buy custom props and set them in the “Option Satellite”, and you can also modify the player’s avatar here. Using custom props to change appearance will not affect performance.

When you challenge your rivals, a “progress bar” will appear on the left side of the screen, showing the level of progress between the player and Metal Sonic. If you purchase the “Player Avatar” from the “Option Satellite”, the Sonic avatar displayed in the progress bar will also change accordingly.

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The digital deluxe edition “Colorful Colorful Pack” and the limited edition “30th Anniversary Boxed Edition” will be on sale on the same day

【Colorful Bags】

This game will be sold as a digital deluxe version of the “Colorful Colorful Pack” that contains the game and many additional content. This set is only available for download. Additional content includes “Ultimate Decoration Pack” and “Ultimate Mixing Pack”. “Ultimate Decoration Pack” contains “Gold and Silver Gloves and Shoes”, “Movie Sonic Special Effects”, “Movie Sonic Avatar”, and “Ultimate Mix Pack” which can be used in the game. A set of 3 songs played.

In addition, if you pre-purchase the “Colorful Colorful Pack” in advance, you will be able to get early testing rights and limited player avatars to play the game 3 days before the release.

※”Ultimate Decoration Pack” and “Ultimate Mixing Pack” will also be sold separately as paid add-ons.

※ The pre-order bonuses for the digital general version are limited player avatars and movie version Sonic special effects.

[30th Anniversary Boxed Edition]

2021 is the 30th anniversary of the birth of “Sonic the Hedgehog”! To celebrate this memorable year, a limited edition with special merchandise will be released at the same time.

In addition to the game, the limited edition will also include an art book “Life in Sonic’s World Vol. 1” that includes the Japanese formula Twitter’s highly acclaimed illustration series “SONIC PICT”, and a book that can be enjoyed both visually and aurally. The compilation CD “Life in Sonic’s World” and the limited product “Sonic 30th Anniversary Collectible Coin” to commemorate Sonic’s 30th anniversary.

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※ The contents of the limited edition other than the game software are the same as the Japanese edition, please forgive me.

What is the “Sonic” series

Sonic the Hedgehog “Sonic the Hedgehog”, the world-renowned popular game character of Siya Co., Ltd., was born in the game software “Sonic the Hedgehog” released in 1991. Since then, the Sonic series of works have been sold on various game consoles, and the cumulative number of sales has exceeded 1.14 billion (※ including downloadable games). Sonic will also run at the speed of sound on various stages in the future.

※ The screen is the Japanese version of the game content. The officially released product is the traditional Chinese version.

※ The screens are all content under development.

Commodity Information

  • product name:Sonic Colorful Color Ultimate Edition

  • Game platform: Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4/PC (downloadable version can be purchased at Epic Games Store)

  • Release Date: Expected to be on sale on September 9, 2021 (Thursday)

  • Suggested price: NT$1,090 for the regular version
    Digital Deluxe Edition “Colorful Colorful Bag” NT$1,230

  • Game language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese subtitles / English, Japanese voice

  • Game category: 3D high-speed action game

  • Number of players: 1~2

  • Sales: Seya Co., Ltd.

  • Game rating: universal

  • Official website:https://asia.sega.com/SonicColors/Ultimate/cht/


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