Sonic Colors: Ultimate wouldn’t work at 60fps on Switch: its trailer removes the mention

Sonic Colors: Ultimate launches September 7 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This is a remastering of the Wii original on modern platforms with a host of content and graphics enhancements from Blind Squirrel Entertainment. A few days ago Sega reviews these modifications with a comparison video in which we can appreciate the polished details and the new modes it offers; These improvements include resolutions of up to 4K and 60 images per second. It was taken for granted that the Nintendo Switch would not reach such a high resolution, but it seems that also not work at 60fps: The version of the video released by Nintendo has removed this enhancement.

Below you can see the original video that will cover all platforms:

This is the Nintendo Switch specific version posted on the Nintendo channel, where it talks about improved lighting and graphics but with resolution message and frame rate edited.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate It will run on Switch at 30 fps, the same speed as the original on Wii. Although the Nintendo console has many other reissues of that platform at 60 fps, as is the case with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, it seems that in this game the improvements in detail -the aforementioned lighting- have made it difficult to reach a framerate more fluid.

The list of improvements in Sonic Colors: Ultimate

  • Actualizacin HD: new high definition graphics and other improvements, at 60 images per second, new lighting system, resolution of up to 4K – depends on the platform – and other updated details.
  • New Rival Rush mode: a showdown against Metal Sonic to unlock rewards.
  • Personalization: Go to the store and use the tokens collected in the park to unlock auras, boosts, shoes and gloves that customize Sonic.
  • Jade Ghost: transform Sonic, fly through the park and cross areas to reach new secret areas.
  • Customizable control: You can modify the control to your liking according to the way you play.
  • Saved Tails: Find one of these saves and return to it if you need to be rescued.
  • 100 Count Ring: collect 100 Count Rings to gain temporary invincibility and boost your score at the end of each level.
  • Msica: completely remixed soundtrack.

“The evil Dr. Eggman has built a gigantic interstellar amusement park full of incredible rides and colorful attractions, but he feeds it with a captured alien race called ‘Wisps'”, says the story of this Sonic, one of the plataformas 3D with the most lauded Sega mascot of the last decade. Unleash the Wisps and learn the secrets of their powers as we explore six unique colorful worlds, each filled with dangerous enemies and obstacles to overcome.


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