Sonsoles Ónega wins the Planeta Prize with a novel about women

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The popular journalist Sonsoles Onegahost of the current affairs magazine that bears her name, And now Sonsoles, has won Planet Awardthe best-endowed literary award in the world, with one million eurosabove the Nobel Prize (about 950,000 euros) and very far from Cervantes (125,000 euros). And he does so five years after winning the Fernando Lara novel prize with After Love.

In the traditional gala held at the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC), Ónega received the Planeta por The maid’s daughters, the story of a Galician family that begins in 1900. “It starts in the Galicia of the sea, the Galicia that created an empire from a can… It is the canning industry told through a family of businessmen,” he noted Ónega. But beyond the historical-temporal framework, in the novel there are cruel revenges, stories of love and heartbreak… And the protagonists are women from different generations: “Brave women who worked at sea for 100 years and continue to do so without recognition From now on they will have a boss,” claimed Ónega.

Planeta has opted for an author from the house, who had already published six of her seven novels on the label. Furthermore, since autumn 2022, Ónega reigns with his magazine in the afternoons of Antena 3, a channel that also belongs to the editorial group.

Other television presenters They had already been finalists of Planeta in previous editions: Sandra Barneda in 2020, Mara Torres in 2012 or Boris Izaguirre in 2007. There is a trend – which usually goes hand in hand with best-seller success – of television journalists who have won literary awards, such as Juan del Val, Máximo Huertas and Carme Chaparro, all three with the Primavera Prize. But it is the first time that a television journalist has won the jackpot: the Million Euro Planet.

Daughter of veteran journalist Fernando Ónega, Sonsoles began her career in CNN+ news, first as a Court specialist and later as a parliamentary correspondent for Telecinco, where she became one of the regular faces of the network. In recent years she has stood out for being the host of her own programs, a work that she has combined with her literary work: in 2019 she published her latest book, A thousand forbidden kisses, a passionate love story.

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