Sony invests in Epic Games and speculations arise

On July 9, Sony made public its investment of USD 250 million in Epic Games, acquiring 1.4% of the company.. Both companies referred to the deal as a way to nurture an already close working relationship when it comes to cutting-edge technology, entertainment and social services connected via the internet.

The investment gave way to speculation about Sony’s long-term interests. Epic Games is the company behind the Unreal Engine 5, the engine that we already saw working on the Playstation 5 during its debut; and that not only has a prominent place in the video game industry, but is also beginning to spread to film and television, having been used in the making of the popular Disney series: The Mandalorian.

Also, and as if this were not enough, Epic Games is also the company that owns Fortnite, the popular battle royale that has around 350 million registered users. The game has developed in recent times, and in addition to its main battle royale mode, a new facet of online social ecosystem. It is about creating an environment where players can watch movies, attend parties and concerts on the Fortnite map.

For all this, the interest of the Japanese giant in the company is logical. In some way, we can say that Epic Games has an important part of what could be the future of video games; both in software and hardware.

Anyway, it is too early to know what this could mean for Sony or for the players of both Fortnite and Play Station. Meanwhile, Tencent still owns 40% of the company, so Sony will have to make a much larger outlay if it wants to occupy a more important place.

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