In the fourth quarter, the operating profit of Sony experienced an annual decline of 57%. The indicator ended the period 35.45 billion yen, against 82.73 billion the previous year. The group says that the Covid-19 weighs 68.2 billion yen on its consolidated operating profit of the year. Its sales and operating income lost 18% year on year and reached 1,748.7 billion yen this quarter.

For the current fiscal year, Sony did not wish to share financial forecasts. The company expects a peak in the impact of the epidemic in its first quarter. He also expects activity to pick up in the third quarter.

Activities come out of the water

Over the past year, the annual operating profit of the video games division has earned 2.8 billion yen, powered by containment measures. The branch ended the quarter with an operating profit of 46.2 billion yen, down 17.8% on a comparable basis. On the sales side, it records 433.6 billion yen in revenue.

Full imagery, which in particular provides mobiles Apple, recorded this quarter an operating profit of 34.5 billion yen, up 14.2% compared to the previous year. Its revenues stand at 363.4 billion yen and benefit from an increase of 38.8% compared to 2019.

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