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The current generation of gaming consoles entered the market at the end of 2013 and more than five years have passed since then. During this period, about one thousand video games have been published for one Sony PlayStation 4, among which there are several dozens of really high quality exclusive and excellent in all respects. In addition, the Japanese company has updated its console in 2016, making it available only in the Slim and Pro versions. If the latter offers an improved graphic design, then the former can boast refined cooling and more compact dimensions.

Currently, you can buy a Sony PlayStation 4 at a rather attractive price, because it costs about $ 300, or about 26,000 rubles. On the background of modern gaming computers, it is a modest amount of money, having given a universal gaming device for home use at home. However, now it is better not to buy this console, because it will soon be almost twice as cheap as it was, and the industry analyst Michael Pacter talked about it.

According to him, in order to maintain the demand for the current generation of consoles, Sony and Microsoft will significantly reduce their costs in order to guarantee good sales at the level of previous years. It is reported that after a sharp reduction in prices, you can buy an Xbox One for $ 199 (13,300 rubles), while the price of the PlayStation 4 will be $ 249 (16,700 rubles). This cost of new products is guaranteed to make them the real success, which is what the producers expect before launching a new generation on the market.

It is impossible not to notice that the analyst Michael Pakter has made correct and accurate predictions in the gaming industry more than once in his career, and rarely makes mistakes. This means that in the near future, Sony PlayStation 4 will probably cost twice as much as the current one. First of all, it will become cheaper in the United States, Europe and Japan, and then in other countries of the world, including in Russia. It remains to be believed that the expert is right in his forecasts. If the decline occurs, then in May-June.

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