Sony PS5 barrier-free controller set Project Leonardo officially named the Access controller, and released more product details and UI introduction

Sony announced the PlsyStation 5 barrier-free controller set called Project Leonardo at the 2023 CES. In mid-May 2023, it officially named this barrier-free controller set “Acess Controller”, which also means that it has entered from concept to In the stage of quasi-commercialization, Sony not only released more photos of the Access controller, but also announced the UI interface of the Access controller that will be on the PS5 console.

Each Access controller will consist of multiple customizable components, including standard, domed and spherical analog joystick caps, as well as convex button caps, flat button caps, and wide flat button caps (equivalent to two buttons). holder), protruding button caps (more centered for players with smaller hands), concave button caps (placed on the top of the controller to press down, and on the bottom to pull up), while swappable buttons are more face-friendly for players Easily mark the corresponding input of each button; in addition, players can use the Access controller on a flat surface to adjust 360 degrees, or fix it on an AMPS stand or tripod, and the distance between the analog joystick and the controller is also adjustable. The four 3.5mm AUX ports on the side of the fuselage can expand other custom switches, buttons or analog joysticks.

The newly disclosed PS5 operation interface includes defining the relative position of the analog joystick and the controller during use, as well as the setting of the corresponding buttons. The Access controller can map two different inputs to the same button, or for different Define the buttons for the game and type, and fine-tune the initial position, dead zone, and sensitivity of the analog joystick. In addition, one DualSense controller can be regarded as a single virtual control with two Access controllers at most.

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