Sony Thai launches the Mobile ES™ Series product family with the latest media receiver XAV-AX8100

(Bangkok / 23 July 64) – Sony Thai Company Limited continues to raise the standard of car audio. With the launch of the latest media receiver, XAV-AX8100, this new car stereo will feature a large 8.95-inch touch screen display and support for smartphone connectivity on both Android and Android platforms. iOS via Apple CarPlay function and *Android Auto™ efficiently

and the launch of the Mobile ES Series of car speakers and subwoofers, including the XS-162ES – 6.5-inch 2-Way Component Speakers, XS-160ES – 2 Coaxial Speakers. 6.5-inch (2-Way Coaxial Speakers), XS-690ES – 6 x 9-inch 2-Way Coaxial Speakers, and XS-W104ES – 10-inch Subwoofer.

The new Mobile ES Series will feature complete technical updates of audio-visual technology. to provide the best in-car music listening experience to users. With the invention and creation of cutting-edge innovations to meet the lifestyles of those who love to listen to high-quality music while driving Ideal for those who travel for a long time in a car or want entertainment while driving. To allow users to indulge in entertainment with taste

(*Android Auto™ is supported, subject to availability of operators in each country)

New products in the car audio line from Sony include:
• Media Receiver XAV-AX8100
It is the latest innovation in smart media receiver from Sony. That comes with the highlight of a large 8.95-inch anti-glare touch display, ideal for those who want to see the route while driving. Find music on your smartphone. Including adjusting the sound can be done comfortably. This is for safety in use on the road.

While the XAV-AX8100 also comes with a 3-way adjustable display mount for flexible installation. Therefore, it can be installed on many types of vehicles. At the same time, it also comes with an ergonomic brushed aluminum key socket. It also provides instant access to source selection and sound adjustments.

What’s more, it supports 3-Pre-Out connections that will allow users to create a full sound system. Combined with a subwoofer, mono amplifier and a 4-channel amplifier for louder, more powerful sound reproduction.

The XAV-AX8100 also supports full connectivity via Apple CarPlay functionality to display and car audio controls. This allows drivers to make/receive calls, access music, send and receive messages. including showing the route to suit the traffic conditions while driving effectively The latest Apple CarPlay function can support third-party navigation applications as well.

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At the same time, it also supports connection to smartphones in the Android platform through the Android Auto™ function, designed with the user’s safety and convenience in mind. Drivers can also stay connected to their entertainment while driving. It’s also made more convenient with WebLink® Cast, a small app delivery platform designed specifically for in-car use.

Smartphone screens can be mirrored directly onto the XAV-AX8100 display by connecting with Android or iOS devices to provide responsive and reliable infotainment. while the display is also connected to a rear view camera with adjustable parking guidelines. When the driver shifts the gear lever of the car to the reverse position Or just tap the camera icon on the display screen to connect to the rear camera as well. The display is also ready to use immediately after turning on the ignition.

What’s more, the XAV-AX8100 delivers powerful sound with optimized sound. Including digital sound processing (DSP) that allows drivers to adjust the sound to be loud to their personal preferences with a 10-band Equalizer (EQ10) and Dynamic Stage Organizer (DSO) with settings. 10 types in advance

Provides easy and efficient frequency modulation. Suitable for a variety of listening environments It also supports Lossless Audio Codec(FLAC) audio files compressed without loss of quality. It can also play FLAC files with a depth of 24 bits and a sampling frequency of 48 Hz.

Sony Thai launch new car audio lineup 2021

The Mobile ES Line-up Series speaker products include:
• Car Speaker Model XS-162ES, XS-160ES, XS-690ES
It is a premium speaker product from the ES Series family. It comes with a fiber cone made from Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC), the original Sony loudspeaker diaphragm. Designed to be lightweight and high durability

The components of this speaker are also enhanced with mechanical drivers. This allows for a wider frequency response and a smoother, more natural sound.

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The MRC is also embedded in a unique matrix. aramid fiber This will greatly reduce resonance and sound distortion. It delivers powerful sound across all frequencies, while Separated Notch EDGE Surround is Sony’s exclusive surround woofer. This will greatly reduce distortion and increase sharpness.

Combined with a soft dome tweeter attached directly to the voice coil, it delivers high-resolution sound with a frequency range extended up to 40 kHz. What’s more, it comes with a Progressive Height Rate Spider that will Helps to optimize sound Allows for higher power handling and airflow with a profile designed to quickly and accurately dampen loudspeaker cones.

At the same time, the speaker structure is also designed for resonance distribution with the Five-beam Frame Structure and the Dynamic Air Diffuser is also a dynamic air diffuser. This ensures good airflow and efficient voice coil cooling.

Additionally, the XS-162ES comes with a Phase Plug for effective resonance reduction on the woofer. as well as helping the frequency response to the crossover point with the tweeter that fits perfectly. The robust aluminum bobbin and Dynamic Air Diffuser can support the speaker’s wide frequency response. for efficient dynamic bass control

Sony Thai launch new car audio lineup 2021

That’s not enough, the bi-amp on the XS-162ES is also designed to reduce the distortion of the sound sent to the tweeter. When using a woofer with a high input level, adjusting the volume balances the woofer and tweeter signal levels. while using only one amplifier

• Subwoofer Model XS-W104ES
The 10-inch subwoofer is made from Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC), designed with a foam-like core at the core of the diaphragm with a honeycomb fiber base. Which gives the bending strength 10 times higher than the general PP Matrix ever. It produces amazingly accurate and powerful bass. The subwoofer’s diaphragm on this model can provide a better frequency response and smoother sound characteristics.

Additionally, Separated Notch EDGE Surround technology improves vertical amplitude symmetry. It also reduces sound distortion and improves clarity. But it’s not enough. The subwoofer is also designed like the Mobile ES Series speakers to be able to distribute sound with the Five-beam Frame Structure.

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Meanwhile, the Dynamic Air Diffuser allows the air to flow very well and the cooling of the Voice Coil can be done efficiently. Moreover, Progressive Height Rate Spider technology is designed for fast and accurate cone cushioning. This will help adjust the sound to suit the higher airflow. This is to increase signal integrity and prevent sound interference as well.

You can follow and watch more information Mobile ES branding video at

For all car audio products Ready to be released gradually from July this year onwards with the price details as follows.
• XAV-AX8100 price 21,990 baht
• XS-162ES price 9,190 baht.
• XS-W104ES price 7,190 baht.
• XS-160ES price 7,690 baht
• XS-690ES price 9,290 baht.

For those interested in car audio Sony You can inquire through a dealer. and install Sony car audio throughout the country The details are as follows.
1. P-One accessories, all 14 branches
o P-Wan Head Office, Bangkok 02-9323485, 084-5244433
o P-Wan Phitsanulok Branch Tel. 081-8694875
o Phi Wan, Kamphaeng Phet Branch Call 092-2695093
o P-One, Chiang Rai Branch, Tel. 081-9235308
o P-One, Korat Branch, Tel. 085-2031680
o P-One Chiang Mai Branch Tel. 084-5260003
o P-Wan, Phrae Branch, Tel. 081-9608451
o Phi One, Lopburi Branch, Tel. 081-8338002
o P-One, Khon Kaen branch, call 082-1215733
o Phi One Phuket Branch Tel. 085-7938786
o P-One, Krabi Branch, Tel. 081-9785122
o Phi Wan, Surat Thani Branch Call 081-8694893
o Phi Wan, Udon Thani branch, call 098-6019639
o Phi Wan, Nakhon Si Thammarat Branch Call 098-6760711
2. Audio Advance Shop, Bang Bon, Bangkok, call 02-894-5533
3. Overhorn Sound Shop
o Bangkapi Branch, Bangkok, Tel. 02-377-5005
o Ratchaphruek Branch, Nonthaburi Province, Tel. 02-191-9522
4. Panchai Auto Supply Shop, Phra Khanong, Bangkok, Tel. 02-381-0773
5. Lucky Sound Shop, Taling Chan, Bangkok, Tel. 099-619-2365
6. Power Sound V9 Shop, Muang District, Chonburi Province, Tel. 038-383926, 038-383947
7. Mam Sticker Shop, Muang District, Lampang Province, Tel. 054-218418, 054-224418

Interested parties can ask for more information at the Sony Information Center at 02-715-6100 or visit

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