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Sony: – We do not have production issues with PlayStation 5

Not long ago, the financial newspaper wrote Bloomberg an article claiming that PlayStation 5 production had encountered a glitch. The sources claim that Sony has made a fairly sharp downward adjustment of the planned production figure for PlayStation 5 in the current financial year, which lasts until March next year.

The company should have lowered its forecasts from 15 million units down to about 11 million, a reduction of about 26 percent.

– It’s wrong

Now Sony disputes the article. In another statement tells the company of Bloomberg sitting on the wrong info.

– Even if we do not release details about the production, we can say that the information that Bloomberg has presented is incorrect. We have not changed the production number for the PlayStation 5 since we started mass production, Sony tells the website.

Bloomberg claimed that Sony had problems with the production of the custom system chip for the console. They should have struggled to get the mass production of the chip up to a stable level, according to Bloomberg.

Photo: Sony

Sony was admittedly even more conservative earlier this year. In April, Bloomberg sources told the company only planned to have between five and six million units on the market by the end of the financial year.

In July, it then emerged Sony had doubled the planned production number to ten million copies.

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