A new news could shake the world of anime, and especially the streaming platforms that have a catalog focused on it.

Apparently AT&T wants to sell for $ 1.5 billion Crunchyroll, and the potential buyer of this service would be Sony.

As you know, AT&T owns this platform since it also owns Warner Media, who drives Crunchyroll.

In accordance with The Information, this news has been verified by three people ‘familiar’ with the situation. The interesting thing is that, if both sides reach an agreement, this could strengthen the position of Sony within the anime streaming market.

Well Sony you already own Funimation, a platform that is growing more and more worldwide, just think that it will soon venture into Latin America with Mexico and Brazil.

So far nothing has been finalized

However, there is a problem with the price. As we told you at the beginning, AT&T looking for a $ 1.5 billion dollar deal, something that apparently does not appeal to SonyIt seems that he is not willing to pay such a sum.

This is due to the fact that this price far exceeds the cost for which other platforms of this type have been sold, according to analysts.

However, the popularity that anime catalogs currently have is undeniable, since for a few years companies such as Netflix and Amazon they have started to invest more aggressively in them.

Either obtaining licenses or producing your own content, as in the case of live action.

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But going back to Sony, only in 2017 bought Funimation, so acquire Crunchyroll it doesn’t sound so crazy.

This would help with the huge debt that exists within AT&T

Finally, this move on the part of AT&T It is due to the large debt that continues to drag, and is said to reach $ 151 billion dollars.

Issue that, it is also rumored, caused the hundreds of recent layoffs in its division of Warner Bros., including employees of DC Comics.

What do you think would happen if Sony becomes the new owner of Crunchyroll?



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