Sony’s new WALKMAN is on fire!!! Quality problems affect hundreds of people

Sony, a company that has been in existence for decades, can be said to have a history of nearly a hundred years. It has produced countless classic products. Its Walkman brand, WALKMAN, has been born for decades and has countless fans.

However, good things do not go out and bad things travel thousands of miles, no matter how good the company is, it will occasionally make mistakes. Recently, according to the exposure of the Japanese player community, its latest product WM1AM2 has a large-scale serious quality problem, and its price is also as high as 180,000 yen, and the product quality does not match the price.

It is understood that the serious problem this time is WALKMAN’s top new products NW-WM1Z / NW-WM1A. Some users who purchased this batch of products have reported that their products have serious problems that the screen cannot be displayed and the sound cannot be made. In fact, the price of this model was increased by more than 20,000 yen at the beginning of this month. Fans who bought it complained that the 180,000 yen was gone, and they wanted to cry without tears.

At present, the matter has long been uproar and has caused heated discussions on the Internet, with hundreds of victims. Afterwards, the official said that there will be no warranty for the product of this model purchased in the unofficial store. For users who purchased the product in the official store and want to replace the product, they need to pay a 2,200 yen deposit before the warranty is given.

The official remarks aroused strong dissatisfaction among fans. Fans claimed that this was an irresponsible behavior and asked the official to change the conditions, otherwise a class action would be filed.

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If you are also a fan of this product in front of the screen and want to buy it in the near future, then you should pay great attention.

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