Soon… Allow iPhone users to repair their devices themselves

Apple plans to give customers the ability to repair their own devices amid increasing pressure from regulators and consumers around the world for manufacturers to loosen restrictions on product repairs.

Last week, the company announced a new program that will allow the purchase of parts for Apple products, starting early next year. The program, known as self-service repair, will allow users to repair faulty devices using repair manuals that Apple will publish on its website.

Apple also plans to start with some components that require Replacement such as monitors, batteries and camera modules, according to what was reported by “CNN”, and reviewed by “Al”.

The company revealed that the software will include more than 200 pieces at launch and plans to add more later next year. The repair program will initially be available only to iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users, but will later expand to Mac computers that use Apple’s new internal M1 chip.

The company will only reveal the prices of its parts when the program is officially launched next year, but the company will charge individual users the same prices it currently charges independent repair providers.

This comes as US President Joe Biden issued an executive order in July directing the Federal Trade Commission to issue rules requiring companies to allow devices to be repaired by users themselves. Days later, the Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously to condemn existing reform restrictions by manufacturers, with the agency’s chairwoman, Lena Khan, pledging to “remove” illegal reform restrictions that may violate US antitrust and consumer protection laws.

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And regulators in the UK and Europe have already passed or are considering legislation to force device manufacturers to supply parts to their customers.

iFixit, a popular consumer electronics repair website, welcomed the move, writing on its Twitter account: “We’re glad to see Apple acknowledge what we’ve always known: Everyone is smart enough to fix their own iPhone.”

According to Apple, there are more than 2,800 independent repair providers in 200 countries that have access to parts for their devices and have knowledge of repair methods.

For now, the self-service repair program will only be available in the US at launch, but Apple said it plans to expand the program to other countries during 2022.

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