Sophie Marceau: who is the son Vincent Zulawski?


In 1995, Sophie Marceau gave birth to her first child: a boy named Vincent, born of her love affair with director Andrzej Zulawski. A student at the cinema, the young man is the pride of his famous mother.

It is the result of the love of two movie stars. Born on July 24, 1995, Vincent Zulawski is the son of Sophie Marceau and Polish director Andrzej Zulawski. Although he dreams of becoming a paleontologist at the beginning, his passion for cinema pushes him to follow the same path as his illustrious father. The young man settled in London and continued his theatrical studies hoping to become a director one day. Alas, life is far from a calm river and Vincent is quickly faced with a painful ordeal.

February 17, 2016, Andrzej Zulwaski dies of cancer in Warsaw. A real blow to Vincent who is forced to bury his father at the dawn of his 21st birthday. But the young man can count on the support of his two half-brothers Xawery and Ignacy, born of a previous relationship, and his mother of whom he is very close. In May 2016, he happily shares a photo of their meeting on his Instagram account. " Mum came to see me last week, I miss her already He wrote in the legend. The lack is such that it ends up moving to the family home in Paris.

One thing is certain, Sophie Marceau can not be more proud of her son. " Now he is an adult, has undertaken life and wants to take responsibilityshe confides in Female version in February 2018. It is not necessarily easy to be "Son of"although there are advantages, but he is a bit like his mother, she wants to do things alone and I can only find it fantastic. I believe in education with the example, he is a hard worker. What encourages Vincent to pursue his career dreams.


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