Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas show unpublished photos of their wedding

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It has been two years since the artist couple formed by the actress Sophie Turner and the singer Joe jonas sealed their engagement in style at a (first) wedding in a chapel of Las Vegas. It was right after the Billboard Music Awards when they decided take a step up front in your relationship and consolidate it by getting married. And they didn’t do it just once, if not twice.

The May 1, 2019 married for the first time and it was the DJ Diplo the person in charge of broadcasting the ceremony and the wedding party in Instagram so that all his followers were participants in the event. But in addition, the artists did not think this party enough, but in June of that same year they decided to celebrate a second, much larger wedding in France.

Now, two years later, Sophie has decided to delight us with new images of that first special day. Has posted on your profile Instagram a gallery of funny images showing different moments of this celebration. From snapshots of both dressed in their respective outfits in the pool, until dances in bathrobe accompanied by other recognized personalities such as Priyanka chopra, or photographs that portrayed his role as DJs.

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Accompanying the sequence of seven images, the actress wrote in the copy of Instagram: “Happy 2 year wedding anniversary in Las Vegas for this great piece of man meat “.

The publication has already been applauded by more than two million people and some celebrities such as the model Ashley Graham O Hailey Bieber They have not hesitated to comment on the post congratulating this memorable date for the marriage of artists.

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