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Four masked celebrities are left on stage when Santa is out of the competition. VG reviewed Saturday’s “Maskorama” song by song.


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It was the character “Nissen” who had to leave the NRK program “Maskorama” on Saturday. Behind the mask was former Minister of Culture Abid Raja (V).

– To be the whole of Norway’s Santa, that’s one of the best things I’ve been through, says Raja, who has been squatting inside his costume for four weeks, to seem lower than he is.

– I have really trained my thigh muscles, he says. In addition, the high-profile Liberal politician has falsified a kind of northern Norwegian dialect.

Recently, Raja has been on a book tour, after winning the Bookstore Award. There, too, he has been met with speculation surrounding his alter-ego.

Sorry to all the children I have lied to around Norway. When I have sat and signed, children have come and shouted “we know you are Santa!”, He says and laughs.

Over 50 percent of those who have guessed in The Maskorama Prophet last week, it was former Minister of Culture Abid Raja who hid behind Santa Claus.

But on the run-up side, there were many who changed their minds, and in the end, only 23 percent of VG’s readers tipped correctly. 27 percent thought it was “Shame” actor Cengiz Al who had dressed up as Santa Claus.

VGTV asked Raja what he thought about the speculation. He then replied:

The frog, The lucky pig and The mermaid has already had to leave the show, which involves singing, but which still does not claim to be a singing competition.

Again are Nøkken, Snømonsteret, Bamsen and Dragen.

Last week it was Haddy Njie who threw the mask. She was “The Mermaid” and could reveal that she was relieved to go out because she was “very pregnant”, which made it challenging to be on stage.

– It has been fun to be so visible and so invisible at the same time. I really enjoyed myself with that, said a smiling Njie after revealing himself.

We will find out in tonight’s episode who will break out and have to reveal their identity this Saturday.

Give your own judgment and see all the dice rolls further down in the article – and participate in the Maskorama Prophet.

The secret shop in the program is huge. The participants do not know who else is competing. Nor does host Silje Nordnes have any idea who is hiding behind the masks.

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VG’s music critic Tor Martin Bøe evaluates the evening’s artists continuously during the evening’s broadcast. Give your own assessment of the celebrities in “People’s Judgment”:

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