Soundrive Festival says goodbye to the audience. The party will last until Saturday

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Soundrive Festival – for the moment – it is taking place for the last time. We will definitely have a break from the festival of alternative music, but – as the organizers say – it is also possible that the event will never come back. Nevertheless, in places near Street of Electricians until Saturday, you can see the most interesting names, primarily of the Polish underground. There is a lot to choose from – on four stages we are introduced to a very large group of artists.

Music festivals in the Tri-City

From Tuesday, in clubs and spaces at ul. Elektryków – B90, Drizzly Grizzly, Plenum i Shelter – takes a festival that presents the most interesting trends in alternative music recently. The first concerts attracted fans, although this year’s less interest in tickets could have resulted in some playing for cranes and pillars. Fortunately, that did not happen.

Many gems can be discovered on Soundrive. This year it is mainly Sinplus, Ćpaj Stajl, Hakael, Bałtyk, Ivy, Machines and Butterflies, Vacuum, Midsommar … You can change it endlessly. Each of the performers is different, but really remarkable. We have rap, metal, electronic, indie music here. There are also recognized names such as Tombstones and Vacos Malcolm. Above all, however, there is a strong representation of the trend known as hyperpop. This year, the festival has decided to devote the most space to it, because it is a genre that is taking Europe by storm. So we have Nosgov, Mylittlethumbie, Ksiaze700, Partycja, Coals, Oklou or SKY.

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We must remember that the pandemic has severely disrupted the world concert market. This is first. Added to this is the fact that Soundrive has always been an event made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. It has never been a profitable venture. Nevertheless, it enjoyed considerable interest. It is no different this time, but you can see that the mainly Polish line-up did not attract a crazy number of viewers.

Soundrive Festival: a celebration of alternative music

Jaroslaw Kowalthe artistic director of the festival, in an interview with me admitted that this was how it had to end.

– Inflation and difficult economic or professional conditions take their toll on everyone – explain. – Every festival, every club event in Poland experiences a drop in attendance, but for Soundrive, a festival that has always operated with passion, on the verge of profitability, much less interest in concerts, especially among the audience of “alternative music”, is a lethal risk.
So it is not surprising that it is time to take a break. Or at the end of this beautiful story. This information appeared suddenly, but the decision itself had to be made long before the first concert at this year’s edition. The times when you did something out of passion, often with the DIY method, are over. And it is not known if they will come back. If something doesn’t pay off, it doesn’t. This approach is hardly surprising.

Nevertheless, these 10 years at Elektryków Street were exceptional. Many names appeared, which later determined not only the strength of the Polish alternative, but also the foreign one. Who would have thought Glass Animals would be one of the most important alt-pop bands in the world a few years later.

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This year’s edition of Soundrive may not go down in history as the best, but it has shown once again just how strong alternative music is. In this case, primarily domestic, but also global over the years. The wealth of the performers can be dizzying. Even the most open one. And yet it is the people who are constantly looking for something new, interesting and different in music, who have always been the main audience of this event.

But such a hermetic group of recipients has always been the strength of this event, which every year was widely echoed throughout Poland. They create a unique atmosphere that encourages an exchange of views. After almost every concert, discussions are held in the spaces around clubs or at gastronomic zones about what delighted, what failed, what will be a new trend, and what is already a thing of the past..

Plan the Week: end of the fair, Top of the Top Festival and dog showsPlan the Week: end of the fair, Top of the Top Festival and dog shows

I think it is safe to say that these are some kind of discussion panels. It is not only about music, but also about exchanging experiences and views. Always in a friendly atmosphere, always smart.

On Friday and Saturday, Vacos Malcolm, Coals, Alina Pash, Brooks Was Here, Calm The Fire, Sneaky Jesus, Oklou, Jerry and the Pelican Systen and Kaz Bałagane will appear on the festival stages.. It’s really worth going there.

Thanks, Soundrive. May it not be goodbye. So I will write – see you!

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