Sour plaster Cereal for children spoil a good cup of milk perfectly


At this time, in the milk of your refrigerator, the residual bacteria of the streptococcus are consuming lactose to produce lactic acid, which in turn increases the pH of your milk to the point where another bacterium, the lactobacillus, takes over to complete the process. As the lactic acid in your milk continues to thrive, you will know: take a breath and have sour and spoiled milk. It is a familiar and unpleasant surprise, especially when you have not performed the very important odor test and you have poured it directly into your cereal.

Or you can simply buy the new Sour Patch cereal for children from Post.

"Sour" and "milk" are two words that food companies and consumers generally do not want to see together. Yet, Post has forged ahead with this candy-flavored cereal even though the company is asking you to pay for milk to do what the bacteria would do for free. The cereal has the same size and shape as the Sour Patch Kids sweets and tastes like Froot Loops. But it is dusted with that sour note of sour sugar, which dissolves rapidly in the milk.

The problem with this cereal is not only what makes sour milk, thus depriving you of cereal milk, one of the simplest pleasures of life, but also that which opens a portal to hell about what foods can be other foods .

It was just this chocolate junk food, like Oreos and Chips Ahoy, were acceptable breakfast cereals. Now that we have Cereal Sour Patch, what are the prospects? Will there be Jelly Belly cereals? Twizzlers oat flour? Taffy Laffy's granola? Pop Rocks yogurt? In both the breakfast and the harsh corridors, all the moral restrictions of society have dissolved.

In any case, your children will probably go crazy for this? It is available in Walmart stores from December 26th.

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