South African captain Siya Kolisi has cleared Wales


They gave Scotland a comfortable beat and beat Australia. It will be a difficult match. We had four tough games on this tour and although we lost against England, I think it's the hardest.

What I can clearly see in this cycle is the way he (the Wales manager, Warren Gatland) is building depth for the World Cup.

Those of us who have been at the World Cup know that you may feel you have the strongest team in the world, but two months ago you lose two 10 or nine and you're suddenly in trouble.

It seems to have three nine and ten, different types that can play 15, a good first row and a back-up in vital positions. I consider him a coach. He is building a quality team with Wales.

I think (the World Cup) will be an open race next year.

We have seen what happened with Ireland by beating New Zealand. We managed to convince New Zealand, Scotland almost had New Zealand last year and England almost had them this month.

The favorites are New Zealand and Ireland, but Wales is one of those teams that roam there – almost the silent killer at this stage.



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