South Sulawesi girl was proposed with a profit of IDR 5 billion to bring in 7 artists

Monday, August 1, 2022 – 00:54 WIB

VIVA National – Viral again a woman in South Sulawesi proposed fantastically. This time, it happened in the District Pinrang with the bride being proposed up to IDR 5 billion plus the event reception which took place luxuriously by bringing in up to 7 artists from the Capital City.

Based on monitoring VIVA, in a viral video on Saturday, July 30, 2022, on the tiktok account @inthan-Abt, saw a very luxurious wedding reception with the guest pickers, the majority of whom were women sitting on the left and right sides of the road. According to information, the guest pickers were lined up to 300 meters.

In addition to the long guest pickers, there was also the presence of guest star Nassar KDI who entertained the audience on a large stage that had been provided. Nassar’s presence was invited in order to provide entertainment at the wedding party.

Other information summarized, it turns out that the groom named Bastian came from Labolong Village and now works at the Sucofindo BUMN. While the bride dr. Fitrianisa is a civil servant doctor at the Bogor City Hospital. Their wedding was held on Wednesday 27 July 2022. Their wedding reception took place precisely in Labolong Village, Mattiro Sompe District, Pinrang Regency.

Not cash

The uncle of the bride and member of the Pinrang DPRD, Hastan Mattanete, who was confirmed to have confirmed this. He said the festive wedding party was his nephew.

“That’s right, it’s my niece’s party who is the bride. Her name is dr. Fitrianisa,” said Hastan when he asked for confirmation on Sunday, July 31, 2022.

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