Soviet pilot, like a computer hero, completed all missions

The premiere screening of the film “Devyatayev” is the central event of the “Russian Film Business” forum. A large-scale, adventure, heroic action game based on the real story of the feat of the hero of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Petrovich Devyatayev, is one of those films for which movie theater directors come from all over the country here to Moscow to be the first to see a movie that everyone will soon be talking about.

“Devyatayev” goes beyond the ordinary military cinema. Timur Bekmambetov – an innovative director and producer always chooses non-standard solutions. The tape was filmed, including in a vertical format for viewing on smartphones, and the air duels were filmed in the virtual space of the flight simulator, where Pavel Priluchny in the form of Devyatayev, he gave battle to other players in the role of German aces. In the Russian film industry, neither one nor the other has yet been.

At the heart of the tape are the memories of Mikhail Devyatayev himself, a fighter pilot who was taken prisoner by Germany. There was a choice: death or treason. Devyatayev chose to escape. And he did it beautifully. In 1944, on a new enemy bomber with other Soviet prisoners of war, delivering information to the command about a classified training ground where the latest cruise missiles, the “weapon of retaliation” of the Third Reich, were tested. The program of mastering these technologies in 1945 was directed by Sergei Korolev himself.

“This story amazed me that Devyatayev, as a computer hero, completed all the missions on the same level: he escaped, hijacked a plane, stole blueprints,” said producer Igor Ugolnikov.

This is the first full house “Devyataeva” and on the May holidays, when the film will be working at the box office, it is such a movie – dashing, daring and filmed in a modern style – designed to fill the halls to the maximum. Those who attended the presentation of the picture, even from the trailer, guessed that the film would crush competitors in cinemas, but now, having gotten to know the project better, they were finally convinced of this.

When the pandemic began, the film team did not give up and continued to work. In the way the country will celebrate Victory Day on May 9, there is a great merit of scientists and doctors who saved millions of lives, and the release of a picture of a feat in this context will be especially symbolic. “Devyatayev” at the box office since April 29.


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