Spaces in Medicine of the UAS are exhausted 5 minutes after pre-registration began

Culiacán, Sin.- Just 5 minutes after the online pre-registration of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa In the undergraduate degrees in the Health area, the spaces in Medicine.

Other races that have already exhausted their spaces In the first half hour of pre-registration they are Nursing, Dentistry, Nutrition and Gastronomy, Chemical Biological Sciences.

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The rector of the Rosalina house, Juan Eulogio Guerra Liera, explained that it is a normal situation that these spaces are exhausted so quickly, since it is in great demand and year after year it is reflected in these processes.

It should be noted that this Monday the process of pre-registration In the Health areas, Wednesday March 3 will be for engineering and architecture and Friday March 5 for social areas.

Without incident! Advance pre-registration in the UAS throughout the state


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