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Due to an unusual flight defect in space, the US company SpaceX has canceled the planned Tuesday for an unmanned cargo ship at the ISS International Space Station on short notice. "The launch was postponed to Wednesday because mold was found," said US space agency NASA.

White horse in a spaceship?

The fungal lining apparently had formed on a food load for mice aboard an ISS experiment. The technicians who were supposed to load the experimental mouse configuration into the missile's missile load capsule would have discovered the mold over time, NASA said. Unfortunately, it was not possible to replace the special power bars fast enough to still meet the launch date.

Approximately 40 mice must be brought on board the "Dragon" space capsule to the ISS. There, the effect of microgravity on the immune system and on animal aging processes must be studied. In total, the cargo ship loaded 2500 kilograms of food and other equipment. The flight scheduled for Wednesday will be the 16th SpaceX mission on behalf of NASA.

The "Soyuz" rocket arrived on time

Monday only reinforcements for Alexander Gerst and his team on the ISS reached the space station: the US astronaut Anne McClain, the Canadian David Saint-Jacques and the Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko were launched with a rocket "Soyuz" from space of Baikonur. The images released by Gerst on Twitter show how the "Soyuz" rocket has crossed space.

After the emergency landing of a "Soyuz" rocket in October, the crew was left alone and seems to have had a lot to do with maintaining the operation. The German astronaut from Künzelsau in Baden-Württemberg has been on the ISS since June and was the first German to take command from the beginning of October.

Before the arrival of new colleagues, the 42-year-old promised: "We are able to get the ISS in shape again before our friends arrive on the Soyuz MS-11". Gerst and his two former crew members will return to Earth in December.

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