SpaceX launches 56 Starlink Satellites into Space

LOGIC WORD – SpaceX launched 56 Starlink satellites from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on Friday.

The satellite was put into low Earth orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket that lifted off at 11:43 a.m. EDT.

The booster’s reusable first stage separated shortly after liftoff and returned to Earth where it landed on the “Shortfall of Gravity” drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean about 8 minutes and 27 seconds after launch.

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The first stage booster that put the satellite into orbit previously launched two Starlink missions along with the Crew-3 and Crew-4 missions as well as the missions CRS-22, CRS-25, Turksat 5B, Eutelsat HOTBIRD 13G and mPower-a.

The landing was the tenth so far for the first stage booster which launched 56 Starlink satellites on Friday.

Approximately nine minutes after liftoff, the spacecraft completed nominal orbital insertion.

The mission is SpaceX’s 20th launch of the year and 2019th overall.

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SpaceX has launched 4,105 Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit, including 3,750 that are currently operational and have permission to send as many as 12,000 into orbit.

Friday will be the company’s 20th launch of the year with CEO Elon Musk predicting it could carry out as many as 100 orbit missions this year.

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