If you ever dreamed about being an astronaut and piloting a spacecraftthe company SpaceX does it really with your simulator online capsule Crew Dragon, the same as that of the company Elon Musk launched into space, along with the NASAlast may 30, from the Keneddy Space Center of Cape Canaveral, in Florida.

This simulator will allow you to maneuver the spacecraft Crew Dragon as did the astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken that historic day.

Your mission will be to fly the Crew Dragon until the International Space Station (ISS) and attach it to this.

During this journey is virtual, you’ll have access to the control knobs based on the actual, which used the astronauts in your mission.

If you’re wondering, the access to this simulator is absolutely free.

There are two main controls to fly the ship: one of them for the movements of left, right, forward, backward, up and down; the other end controls the turning and balancing.

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Even if you only get to be a virtual recreation, the simulator account offers a great realism and difficulty, so that not only will move left or right, but that requires a fair degree of accuracy, as a mistake could be fatal. So you have to have patience because the process of the mission is very slow.

Photo: Eva Claire Hambach / NASA TV / AFP

To be piloting the ship, will appear in the screen data like the speed, pitch, roll, yaw, pitch, and distance.

To live such an experience only you must log in to this page. The simulator has been created and developed by the same engineers of the company SpaceX and, although it sounds like a video game space, it is based on a real experience.

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