SpaceX SN15 Space Prototype Altitude Test Canceled

CALIFORNIA, – SpaceX announced they will not be conducting the SN15 Starship prototype altitude test right now. The company did not indicate a reason for canceling the test.

The altitude test is seen as one of the most significant challenges for the Starship prototype testing program. To perform an altitude test, the prototype must be refueled and launched.

It then travels to an altitude where the plane will maneuver the belly flop to turn around and try to return to Earth. When the spacecraft returns to Earth, the goal is to land vertically for future use.

So far, testing of the prototype rocket hasn’t gone the way SpaceX hoped it would. One prototype managed to land vertically, only to explode a few minutes later.

The last test SpaceX conducted on the Starship prototype took place on Monday, April 26. During that test, the prototype underwent preparation for launch and was still added to the ground when the engine was fired.

Editor: Dini Listiyani


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