SpaceX successfully tests its Starhopper vehicle to reach the Moon or Mars


The test vehicle Starhopper of SpaceX made a 20-meter jump last midnight in his rocket propellant test Boca Chica Beach, Texas, the founder of the company announced this Friday 26 July 2019 Elon musk.

"The success of the Starhopper test flight," Musk said in his Twitter account. "The water towers can fly ha ha!"

the Starhopper, a large flat cylinder with three legs and wrapped in stainless steel and with the appearance of a water tank, aims to test the technologies that will be crucial in the program Starship is Super heavy of SpaceX.

Musk's firm has taken the lead in the competition of private companies that test technologies in the ambit of the commercial opening of the space exploration started by NASA in the last decade.

SpaceX works on the development of a complete launch system reusable which can send into the space more charged than the powerful rocket Saturn V that the NASA he produced for his capsule launches and eventually sent the humans to the moon.

Until now, SpaceX he is able to bring back to earth and reuse parts of his rockets Falcon 9 is Falcon Heavy.
The one-minute jump of Starhopper it happened about six hours later SpaceX has launched its eighteenth mission to transport goods in an unmanned vehicle to the Space station international.

A rocket Falcon 9 pushed the capsule dragon, in his third mission in the position that orbit, about 400 kilometers from the Earth, at 27,600 kilometers an hour.

The starship was designed to carry up to 100 people for each journey to the moon it's at Mars.

The rocket took off for the first time after months of testing and one day after the attempt was suspended just three seconds after the engine started. kidnapper, which uses a mixture of liquid methane and oxygen as a fuel.

moss explained that the interruption of the test on Wednesday was due to the high pressure in the chamber Starhopper, apparently because the fuel was colder than expected.

In your Twitter message, moss He said that in the next attempt, "in a week or two", the Starhopper it should rise about 200 meters.

The aerospace company of moss first tested the rocket propeller of Starhopper in February and is scheduled in the final version of Starhsips the ship has several engines kidnapper, while the rocket Super heavy It will contain up to 31 Raptors.



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