SpaceX will fire 10% of its workforce


If SpaceX is profitable, it does not pull enough gold to provide sufficient resources for its ambitious projects under development. So the company of Elon Musk announces about 600 layoffs.


The official logo of the Iridium 8 mission. © SpaceX

SpaceX has successfully launched its first satellite launch of the year, the latest scheduled for Iridium. This should not hide the fact that the Elon Musk firm announced at the end of last week that it would proceed with the dismissal of about 10% of its employees, under a "strategic realignment"ensure"the duration of its operationsSpaceX CEO Gwynne Shotwell announced the bad news to his employees via e-mail SpaceX has about 6,000 employees, bringing the number of layoffs to around 600.

If SpaceX executives have continued to probe for months that the aerospace business is profitable, they still have to face massive investments to complete its various projects, both for the realization of its StarLink satellite Internet network. or to develop Starship Super Heavy, its huge Mars exploration rocket. Projects that SpaceX must finance by guaranteeing its missions "daily"commercial launches, either on behalf of private customers or NASA, launches that provide regular revenue to SpaceX (especially since SpaceX technologies allow to reuse the first phase of its launchers, and thus to make significant savings by publishing competitive rates ), without completely protecting the company.

To explain his decision, SpaceX evokes "extraordinary challenges"

Reducing his paycheck, SpaceX probably wants to optimize the resources it can offer to its most ambitious projects. "To continue to satisfy our customers and successfully develop an interplanetary spacecraft and a global satellite Internet, SpaceX needs to shrink (…) Any of these activities, even if attempted separately, has led to the collapse of other organizations. That means we have to separate ourselves from some talented members of our teams. We are grateful for everything they have done and for their commitment to SpaceX. This difficult decision is made solely to serve the extraordinary challenges that await us and it would not be necessary otherwise", comments the company.


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