Spain begins the evacuation of the first Spaniards from Israel

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Spain has joined the governments of other countries that are carrying out an evacuation of their citizens, for whom it is impossible to leave by their own means. Israel for the attack committed by Hamas on October 7. As reported by Minister Margarita Robles, 15 minutes before four in the afternoon, a first Airbus A330 left for Tel Aviv to pick up the first group of Spaniards. The plane arrived in Tel Aviv minutes after eight in the afternoon and boarded 270 personas, all of Spanish nationality.

The Embassy has reported that there are around 500 the Spaniards who were passing through Israel and who have asked for help to leave the country. It is important to emphasize that the Government is currently going to evacuate those people who are in Israel for reasons of tourism or businessthe evacuation of residents in the country is not contemplated.

He Operations Command He has worked all morning to finalize the preparations for this new operation, and in the morning Torrejón Air Base An Airbus A330 was prepared with all the essential personnel on alert, waiting to take off as soon as they were given the order. The staff includes a doctor and a nurse in case any of the evacuees need help. Apart from the on-board personnel, there are 272 places available to bring in Spanish citizens.

At an ideal time, a direct flight between Madrid y Tel Aviv It takes just over four hours, so if everything goes well the first plane will land in Israel minutes after eight in the afternoon.

Once on the ground, the civilians board directly after a security check of their identities and the plane returns to the country of origin, so the first Army and Space Army aircraft will be in Madrid at dawn..

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