Spain completes the evacuation of Gaza with the departure of 143 people

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A bus with 29 Spaniards on board travels this Wednesday night for the last time the 300 kilometers that separate Cairo’s Rafah Pass. They are the last people who were registered at the Consulate and who expressed their need to leave the Gaza Strip after Hamas attacked Israel and a new Israeli-Palestinian conflict began.

As explained by sources from Exteriors, “with the 29 Hispano-Palestinians and relatives who have left today Gaza, Foreign Affairs completes this phase of the evacuation for 143 registered.” A process of departure from the Strip that began last November 1, when Israel y Egypt They agreed to open the Rafah crossing to remove previously authorized people. Spain needed more than ten days of negotiations until the first group of nationals managed to leave. It was last Monday, when the first 40 civilians. At that time, the departure of families with minors and elderly people with illnesses was prioritized. Yesterday, Tuesday, another 74 people left and with the 29 this Wednesday Spain ends the evacuation.

All of them have passed two border checkpoints, one in Gaza and another in Egypt, and then met with personnel from the Embassy of Spain in Egypt, They placed them on buses and accompanied them to Cairo.

In the next few hours, Defense will send a plane to the Egyptian capital to bring the citizens to Spain.

All of them will concentrate in Cairo, from where They will fly to Madrid in the next few hours.

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