Spain continues to make history and goes to the semifinals after beating the Netherlands (2-1) after extra time

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Historical. This is how one could define what was experienced this morning in the quarterfinal match of the World Cup between Spain and the Netherlands. The selection achieved victory (1-2), yes, not without suffering. Scoring a goal was an almost impossible task for them. A penalty goal gave them the provisional victory, but the Dutch would tie the game to take it to an extra time in which Salma Paralluelo would score the winning goal for Spain.

Spain was a headache for the Netherlands, those of Jorge Vilda they had several chances to take the lead in the first half. The team had gotten used to scoring in the first ten minutes of the match, but this time there was no way for the score to move so soon.

Either the ball went over the bottom line, or very high, or it went directly to the post. The latter was what happened to round dawn double game. The Levante player finished off with a header, from Domselaar he cleared the ball, which went directly to the post, and on the rebound the forward ran into the wood again, forgiving the first goal.

Even so, Spain did not stop trying, which dominated the ball and generated more chances. In fact, the ball entered the Dutch goal thanks to Esther González in the 36th minute, but the goal did not go on the scoreboard after VAR ruled that the player was in an offside position.

The Dutch also had a couple of chances, but the Spanish defense was very attentive to cut off any danger, just like Cata Collwho had no problem coming out safely to catch the ball when necessary.

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