Spain: man disguises himself as a dog to get out of his house during confinement

A man was seen in the deserted streets of Toledo in Spain in a surprising position earlier this week. He was photographed on all fours on the sidewalk, wearing a dog disguise.

An outfit obviously aimed at defying the prohibitions established in Spain to leave freely and at any time from his home.

The Iberian population is in fact subject to strict containment measures in an attempt to stem the deadly epidemic of the coronavirus.

The photo posted on Twitter sparked many reactions. If the clichĂ© made some laugh, others did not hesitate to attack the “poodle man”.

“Fool”, “crazy”, different adjectives – sometimes very insulting – were chosen by internet users to describe the individual hidden under the canine disguise.

According to media Todo Noticias, indignant Spaniards did not hesitate to report the careless behavior of the man to the city authorities.

Anger that was expressed in the context of a real health crisis. The death toll increases daily in the country and reached a total of 4,858 deaths on March 27 since the introduction of the virus on the territory.

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