World Spain: Orcas attack ships and boats in the open...

Spain: Orcas attack ships and boats in the open sea

Several orcas have rammed sailboats in Spain. One person was even injured. According to researchers, it is a rare phenomenon, the cause of which has not yet been clarified.

  • Orcas attacked several sailing boats in Spain.
  • One person was injured and several boats were damaged.
  • According to researchers, it is not clear why the orcas suddenly target boats.

Strange phenomenon in Spain: a group of nine orcas have attacked several boats in the past two months. The whales chased the sailing boats and came very close to them. During an encounter with the whales, a member of the boat crew was even injured, like «The Guardian»Writes. In other cases boats were severely damaged, two even lost part of their oars. The ship’s crews even made emergency calls about the orcas.

Researchers cannot explain the phenomenon, so such attacks are a novelty. The whale attacks lasted an hour each. Eyewitnesses report that the animals use sounds to communicate with one another. According to scientists, orcas are particularly curious animals that would often follow ships and boats, but attacks on humans in the wild are almost never.

Only one group of orcas exhibits this behavior

Since the orca population in the Strait of Gibraltar is threatened with extinction, the behavior could be an indication of the stress that the animals are feeling due to the dwindling population of their species.

According to Ruth Estheban, researcher at the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, it is always the same group of orcas that carries out the attacks. It is rather unlikely that different orca packs show the same aggressive behavior.


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