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Friday, December 7 – The Office of the Prosecutor opened in 2017 proceedings to investigate Shakira following a report sent by the Inland Revenue warning that the singer would have eluded the payment of income tax on the natural persons, known as IRPF, between the years 2011 and 2014, presumably simulating that during those exercises resided more than six months a year in tax havens.

A few days ago, the defense presented a statement to the Attorney's Office for Economic Crimes in Barcelona. The text claimed that the Colombian artist was updated with his payments to the Treasury and asked for the file of the proceedings against her. As reported by the Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia, a few months ago Shakira paid 20 million euros corresponding to the debts and interests of 2011, while in the last days he paid another 14.5 million for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Shakira, "a unique case"

In a note sent to the media, Shakira's communications office assures that the singer "has always respected his tax obligations and does not owe any amount to the Spanish Treasury" since "as soon as he knew the amount that , according to the Inland Revenue, he had to pay, he proceeded to pay it in full ". According to the newspaper El País, the Tax Agency has concluded in its investigations that, between 2012 and 2014, the singer would have cheated 14.5 million euros to the Treasury with taxes on income and wealth.

In addition, the artist also claims that, until 2015, he never spent more than 183 days in Spain, so he did not reach enough time in the country so that, according to the criteria of the Inland Revenue, the he can consider the taxpayer of the Spanish Treasury. According to the singer's version, his is "a unique case", being a foreign resident in Spain, whose revenues come from 96% of third countries. "We must bear in mind that Shakira has a very intense professional activity outside of Spain and, therefore, his family structure is very different from conventional models", adds the same letter.

The statement recalls that Shakira, a couple of Spanish footballers Gerard Piqué, paid the debt claimed by the Inland Revenue as "proof of his willingness to resolve the discrepancy" between his tax advisors and the Treasury ", despite the 39. the existence of technical criteria contrary to your consideration as a tax resident in Spain before 2015. "Once the debt with the Treasury has been resolved, the press release reads:" the only topic of discussion at the moment concerns the correct interpretation of the rule around when the application of the criterion of tax residence in Spain by the artist began ".


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