Spain raises its hand and pays tribute to Switzerland that sutures wounds

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There is no magic, no goals, no victories, no efforts. Never. Except after touching the sky, lowering a star that they released in the New Archangel and show that they can exorcise all demons. Everyone, not just those who run after the ball. Also that of discrimination, that of abuse. Spain He needed a feast and gave it to him Swiss. An entire stadium, 14,194 voices breaking records and displaying militancy, reminded the Spanish team players that they have won all the battles. [Narración y estadísticas (5-0)]

They had to stain their boots with mud that weighed them down for a month, enduring that a dark side was exposed, remembering, also last night, that #It’s over and fighting to ensure that what was seen was only its immense light.

Switzerland was blinded. He did not know how to snatch the ball from the foot of the Spanish, nor could he worry them nor did he restrain an imperial Alexia Putellas to prevent it from catalyzing the attack. Spain walked around. He settled in the Swiss field looking for the second victory that will grease his qualification for the playoffs of this Nations League which has a double prize. The third was to see how neither sleep nor musings distract them from hunger on the grass.

tried Lucia Garciaa hit quickly at the start, then Putellas with a left foot that missed high and then Aitana Bonmatí trying to catch a back pass from the captain’s baseline. It was a matter of testing an insecure Herzog. Switzerland’s only scare came from a corner kick with a slanted header from Bühler, Tottenham’s headquarters. And the ball barely passed through his boots even to launch counterattacks that would break the Spanish defense in which Montse Tomé lined up the jungle but Olga Carmona She was the most applauded by the stands. She is a World Cup hero and Andalusian, so as not to excite the Córdoba fans.

He had also entered the eleven Eva Navarro, who sought to take advantage of a Swiss error with a shot from the crescent of the area. By then the mischievous Mariona had already detected how the defenses trembled when they appeared in a rush if the Archangel roared. On the second attempt to press, to disturb her exit, she caused the goalkeeper to make a mistake, she dribbled it and served the first goal to Lucía García. That of Montse Tomé and her players flowed. It was not a duel of attrition as the Swedes proposed and that was an advantage. Under Alexia’s command, Aitana Bonmatí began to appear. The result was still short even though only Wälti had tried Cata Coll with a distant shot. On the edge of half-time, the advantage was increased with a center from Carmona that Bonmatí caught with a ball and the goalkeeper could not save despite her attempt. Upon returning from the locker room, the Spanish girls’ walk accelerated.

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