Spain wants to evacuate between 140 and 178 Gaza citizens through the Rafah crossing

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The Rafah crossing, which separates Gaza from Egypt, has become the only point of hope in the entire Palestinian territory. Because it is the only place through which you can leave the strip since the conflict began. Therefore, since yesterday the opening of the border for the departure of authorized people was announced, the surroundings are full of citizens, waiting for call them to cross to Egypt.

From the figure of 120 Spanish citizens that was initially managed, the number has increased as the offensive intensified, and now Spain manages between 140 and 178 people who have requested help from the national government to be able to leave Gaza. The figures were given this Thursday by the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, in statements to the press.

Robles has reported that the majority are citizens with double nationality who have added their relatives to the evacuation list. In contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is coordinating the evacuation, they prefer not to go into evaluating the figures, as they can change, it may even happen that the people who have signed up ultimately refuse to leave Gaza. .

The Ministry of Defense has everything prepared in the Operations Command in case They will need your intervention for a possible evacuation that, in the words of Minister Robles, could occur this afternoon or tomorrow. However, it is unknown if she would finally have to send a plane to bring the citizens to Spain.

At the moment, those responsible for the crossing are publishing lists of people called to leave the country. Yesterday, in the first opening of the Rafah crossing, two Spaniards were included, but in the end only one left, the Doctors Without Borders anesthetist Raúl Incertis. There is no Spaniard on the latest list of people authorized to leave Gaza this afternoon.

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