Spain. White in the middle of May. “There were a few hot days and then it snowed”

Snow fell on Friday in northern Spain. Roads and buildings in the mountainous part of the region turned white, and the temperature dropped to 1 degree Celsius. The snowfall surprised the residents, especially since the last few days in the region were very hot.

On Friday, high-altitude areas in Spain’s Asturias were covered with a layer of snow. According to data from the national meteorological agency AEMET, the lowest temperature in the region, 1 degree Celsius, was recorded in the mountain pass of Pajares.

Winter right after summer

Winter has returned to areas at least 1,500 meters above sea level, AEMET said. In La Raya, the highest town in Asturias, it had been raining since morning. The day was also foggy and cloudy.

“There were a few hot days, and today it suddenly snowed,” one La Raya resident told the “La Nueva Espana” portal.

Forecasters predict that low temperatures and snow cover will persist in the region until Sunday. Lower-lying areas can expect wet, rainy weather over the weekend. Temperatures will rise again on Monday.

May snow in AsturiasReuters

A dry start to the year

Unusual weather conditions have been observed not only in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. On Friday, Mediterranean parts of Spain, including Catalonia and Valencia, experienced hail and heavy rain after an unusually dry period.

According to AEMET data, in 2023 Spain recorded the driest start of the year since observations began. In the first four months, the total rainfall turned out to be less than half of the average value for this period. There have also been 11 hotter-than-normal days since the start of the year, more than twice the number normally seen in an entire year.

May snow in AsturiasReuters

May snow in AsturiasReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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