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By William Guzman P.

Isabel Pantoja sat, once again, in the dock of the accused in the Criminal Court number 5 of Malaga to show her face for the crime of punishable insolvency, of which she is being accused. The star arrived accompanied by her brother Agustín Pantoja. Nine years ago the Spanish tonadillera was in front of the judge for the sadly famous case of Malayawhich occurred nine years ago, and for which she was sentenced to prison.

Now the prosecution asks for this alleged crime, as a result of the possible irregularities in the sale of the estate of The Pear, a total of three years in prison. Pantoja appeared at the trial dressed in black, with teary eyes and a few minutes into the process she broke down in tears.

Pantoja denied having committed any crime and assured during her statement before the judge that when she found out that there was a debt related to her house in Marbella with the construction company Codabe she was in prison and “she had no head at all.

It has not been a good experience for the artist. In addition, a computer problem forced her to extend her statement longer than expected, so the bad time she experienced, with a sad countenance and a black mask, was even more dramatic.

As it was a public hearing, more television and press cameras were able to access the room. For a few minutes, the media took the opportunity to take the best angles of the seated singer, sailing in a sea of ​​tears. An image that few will forget.

For her part, her daughter, Isa Pantojavalued his mother’s return to court in a television appearance: “Tonight I could not sleep because I thought a lot about her and thought that she was not going to come. Many memories will have come to mind and right now with her state of mind It hurts him even more.”

“She is a criminal and must pay her sentence”

In the public mirror program (of the Spanish channel Antena 3) they analyzed The Pantoja case. A) Yes, Susanna Gray and her collaborators confirmed that the singer is once again facing a possible jail sentence.

After Viewing the images of Isabel Pantoja in court, Ángel Antonio Herrera, a collaborator on the program, said: “She has a record, and if she is convicted, she will have to serve the years in prison that the judge dictates.”

For his part, Óscar Castellanos told viewers that everything came from “an embargo” on a house in Marbella and that in order to sell it, Isabel Pantoja he agreed “with someone else.” “A full-fledged scam”, he defined this “rare movement” Susanna Gray, before giving way to Fran Rivera who, as usual, was very hard on the singer.

“It’s normal for bad people to have bad things happen to them. And this woman is not good. I have been saying it for a long time, but this woman deserves everything that happens to her, “concluded Fran Rivera.

While Susanto Gray defended the former bullfighter and told him that at first it seemed that there was “some personal resentment” on his part, since Isabel Pantoja had behaved “badly” with him and with his brother and it seemed that it was “the rage” that he has to a “stepmother”, but the presenter indicated that, finally, the facts were proving her “right”. “This woman is a criminal and, moreover, convicted as such,” said the Spanish journalist.

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