Spanish students are going on strike this Thursday in support of the Palestinian people

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The Student Union has called for a student strike this Thursday, October 26, in support of the Palestinian people for the Israel war in Gaza. In addition, there are rallies called in 23 Spanish cities at 12:00 p.m., in front of town halls or important squares in different parts of Spain, to show support for Palestine.

“Netanyahu and his ultra-reactionary government are unleashing a new genocide,” says this union in the statement released on the occasion of the call for the strike, in which they criticize the “hypocrisy” of different Western countries. “The same people who now brand the entire Palestinian population as terrorists and who have their media working at full speed to justify Israel’s terrorism, are those who allow a savage military occupation and systematic violations of human rights,” they say.

They thus call on students to “empty the classrooms” this Thursday, October 26, and participate in the planned rallies “to tell our sisters and brothers in Palestine that they are not alone and that we will not stand by while it is reduced to rubble and a sea of ​​blood Gaza“, they conclude.

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