Spartak fights for Adriano, and Kokorin and Mamaev can continue their crimes: Soviet sport


football6 December 2018 09:48Source: "Soviet Sport"

Spartak fights for Adriano, and Kokorin and Mamayev can continue to commit crimes

In Russian football, "the first in history" things did not happen long ago. On the eve of what happened – only three. The Russian clubs have played the first matches of the Russian Cup quarter-finals in the new two-game system. In Moscow, "Ural" again did not lose "Spartak" – 2: 2. So far, Kononov, although it is not a disaster, but things are not going as slowly.

Lokomotiv also played in Moscow with Rubin. The first half proved to be extremely boring, and in the second, Yury Semin changed tactics slightly, leaving Anton Miranchuk in the field. And the team moved. Loko has won a purely training victory and is now considered the favorite before the second game, but many seriously believed that there would be two draws without goals.

The match between Krasnodar and Rostov was the real icing on the cake. Recently, we have more clearly defined a concept as the "derby of the south", even if it is slightly in contradiction with the rules of the Russian language, where the derby is a game between two teams from the same city. The Germans, by the way, have not been confused for a long time. Clubs divide the world, if it can be called a 2: 2 draw.

But even so interesting games have remained in the shadow of the non-football event of our football – regular hearing in the case of Kokorin and Mamaev.

The investigation continues. The court refused to release Mamayev with Kokorin on December 8 and prolonged her two-month prison term – until February 8, believing that in general, soccer players can continue their criminal activities.

Our editor-in-chief Nikolai Yaremenko explainsbecause the court did the right thing.

The Zenit coach, Sergei Semak, with some of the team's players recorded video support for Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev, whose arrest was extended until February 8, 2019. You will not believe it, but the 39; public opinion is already inclined towards the players. The Russians start to feel sorry for Kokorin and Mamaev. Everything works.

Some transfer news. The morning in Turkey reported that "Galatasaray" agreed the transfer of the attacker "Spartak" Luiz Adriano. Presumably, current Turkish champions are ready to sign an agreement with a 31-year-old Brazilian for three and a half years. Now Galatasaray must organize a transfer with Spartak. The Turkish side offers compensation for Adriano for an amount of four million euros.

"Spartak", which is usually unusual for him, immediately responded to the news. Red and white have rejected rumors from Turkey. Interestingly, will they react to every Turkish "duck" now? Or is there anything special about this news?

But the news on the transfer, that red and white have not started to disprove. Two "Rubin" players can leave the team and go to "Spartak". The Moscow club will claim midfielder Igor Konovalov and defender Yegor Sorokin. Note that twenty-two-year-old Konovalov is also included in the "Zenith" sphere of interest.

Rubin can leave another player. Rubin defender Fyodor Kudryashov can continue his career in Krasnodar. Kudryashov's contract with Rubin is calculated until the summer of next year, after which can leave the club for free.

Andrei Arshavin, even if he has always assured that he will not be a coach, can change his decision. I hope for this in Kazakhstan. Kairat Kairat Boranbayev's president of Kairat Almaty is ready to offer the position of coach in the club's academy to former Russian national player Andrei Arshavin. Sooner or later it could be useful, because the football player will have to pay child support for a long time.



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