Special comment: China Super League catch-up schedule is rare in football, and Chinese football is walking a tightrope again?

Original title: Special comment: China Super League catch-up schedule is rare in football. Chinese football is walking a tightrope again?

The schedule for the 5th round of the 2021 Chinese Super League first stage and rounds 6-14 matchups was officially announced. In order to make way for the national team to play in the World Cup preliminaries, the Chinese Super League has to “slim down”, show its people with a new face in the New Year, and also have to face the challenges of high frequency, weather, venue and other factors. How to ensure the quality of the “going-to-market” Chinese Super League, and what will be the focus of attention under the “catch attack” of the Tokyo Olympics, some practical problems have already been in front of us.

After a two-month suspension, the Chinese Super League is about to reignite. The schedule for the fifth round of the first stage and the 6-14 matchup has been officially announced. In order to make time for the next top 12 national football matches, the club representatives passed a resolution to change the schedule at the league working meeting last week: while reducing the 30 rounds to 22 rounds, the Chinese Super League will also usher in an unprecedented “cross Years of War”.

The new Chinese Super League schedule confirmed that the remaining 9 games of the first stage will be played from July 18th to August 12th (the two make-up matches are on July 15th and July 16th), which means that the remaining 9 games will be played in 26 days. After 9 rounds of matches, it is basically a three-day one-match rhythm. There is no doubt that this is the most devilish schedule in the history of the Super League. For professional football players, the intensity of a three-day game has reached its limit: in the past, the team used substitute players for large-scale rotations occasionally in three games a week, not to mention the fact that it is now so high-frequency that it has finished 9 rounds of league non-stop.

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Faced with such a devil’s schedule, the Chinese Super League teams can only mobilize all the main players, substitute players, and even reserve team players to participate in the Chinese Super League. Of course, it can be said to test the thickness of each team, but it also means that the quality of the game in a certain period of time, or the quality of certain games will be horrible. The famous scenes of “caiji pecking each other” may increase exponentially.

In addition, when testing the thickness of the team’s lineup, some teams are also experiencing “non-combat attrition”, such as Shanghai Harbour, Anautovic has just participated in the European Cup and has not yet returned to the team, even if they come back soon, they will face a quarantine policy. Because of the death of his younger brother, Mu Yi is also handling related matters in Australia. There is a high probability that he will miss the next game. Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic’s unpaid controversy is also fermenting.

At the same time, in the latest schedule, it is not difficult to find that the Chinese Super League is still making history. Part of the games in the Suzhou Division are arranged in the outfield of the Olympic Sports Center. The reason was that the continuous rain in the Suzhou Division and Wang Feng’s solo concert at the beginning of the month caused considerable damage to the turf.

The current situation is not only the shortage of personnel, but even the situation of “supply exceeds demand” in the competition venues. In addition, some competitions were held in the afternoon local time in Guangzhou and Suzhou, which really complied with the sentence: if there are difficulties, we must play, and if there are no difficulties, we must also play.

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High temperature, high humidity, fatigue, coupled with hidden dangers in the venue, there is no doubt that this will increase the risk of injury to players. Especially the internationals who have the task of the top 12 of the world preliminaries, once they encounter an accident in the Super League, I am afraid that it will cause an uproar. At this time, will the relevant departments “reach out” to intervene?

Under the background of a series of football reform measures such as salary limit and name change, the Chinese Super League has experienced an abnormal league model for two consecutive seasons. The clubs have gone from winning bids in the past to being worse now; from the past arrogance. , To be alive now. In the AFC Champions League, after the Chinese Super League Big3’s youth army experienced the 2021 tragedy, how will the Chinese Super League end in early 2022, and what will the national football team produce in the top 12 matches? Chinese football seems to have started walking a tightrope again. Although you can see the other shore, there is an abyss under your feet… (Zuo Oyou)Return to Sohu to see more


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