Special Corona Rules for Mother’s Day in Bavaria? Söder with surprise

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has expressed understanding for the only cautious easing of the corona protective measures – and surprisingly promised special rules for Mother’s Day.

  • Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg want to act together in the Corona * crisis.
  • On Thursday (April 30), Prime Minister Markus Söder and Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the further course in the fight against Corona.
  • From Monday (April 27th) all of Bavaria will have to wear a mask *
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Special rule for Mother’s Day in Bavaria despite Corona restrictions? Söder with a surprising idea

Update, 10.33 a.m .: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has expressed surprising ideas for the upcoming Mother’s Day (May 10) on Bavarian radio. It was important to him to create visiting opportunities for mothers and grandmothers again on Mother’s Day, Söder told the broadcaster. This is surprising since the exit restrictions in Bavaria have only recently been significantly extended.

Corona in Bavaria: Police have observed a sad trend on Bavaria’s streets since Lockdown

Update from May 1, 8:03 a.m .: 80 kilometers per hour is allowed, but the motorcycle shoots at 229 things Radar control past. The racer, which was flashed on the federal road 300 near Gachenbach (district of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen), is one of the sad leaders of the past few weeks Bavaria’s streets.

But he is far from the only one who is traveling too fast. Because of the exit restrictions, the police register significantly less traffic on the streets and thus a lower number of speed violators. However, the proportion of speed violations – especially with high limit violations – has risen in several regions, as a survey by the German Press Agency shows.

Update 9.20pm: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CDU) has after the press conference in Berlin with Angela Merkel on Thursday evening the economy hopes for possible easing made: “Due to our prudent approach in Germany we can here rather start up again and thus stabilize the economy as a whole, ”said Söder in the ZDF“ special ”. In other countries, the economy is with much more dramatic effects in descent. “There will be further relief,” Söder promised. “But living with Corona is just not the normal life that we know”.

Söder: Alcohol makes corona loosening difficult in gastronomy

Update 7:05 p.m .:Prime Minister Markus Söder believes that careless alcoholic guests are worried Corona loosening in the catering trade especially hard. Even if next week there are talks about prospects for gastronomy and retail and the participants have presented “clever, great concepts”, the area remains “the biggest challenge”, says Söder. Can in the catering trade Mouth guards made little sense to guests and the principle of distance, which is central to preventing further contagion, “is now, at least in the face of alcohol, at least more difficult to implement consistently. But it is the reality of life ”. The easing concepts of the individual areas “must not only exist on paper, but also in reality”.

Update 6.55 p.m .: Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) made his call on Thursday an “innovation bonus” affirmed. This should provide incentives to buy to increase demand and at the same time to advance climate protection. Next Monday he would talk to his colleagues from Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony about whether and how this could be implemented.

Corona crisis: Söder with remarkable words about Merkel

Update 6.08pm: In the corona crisis, the federal and state governments have decided on others careful loosening of the nationwide protective measures agreed. They apply among other things for playgrounds and services. “No experiments with human health,” according to Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) is still the motto. The country heads themselves will give details of the easing.

Update 5:31 p.m .: “We are most concerned about the family,” said Söder. Kindergartens and schools are now the biggest challenges. When it comes to church services, there are good new decisions by the federal states. Finally, Söder Merkel demonstratively strengthens his back. She is international “the voice of reason”.

Update 5:31 p.m .: “Europe looks at Germany with admiration,” says Markus Söder. But also astonished – because there are discussions in this country about leaving the successful course.

Söder to Corona-Lockdown: “What would have happened in our country if …?”

Update 17:26: Corona continues to keep us in suspense, said Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder. A second wave or a relapse continue to threaten. Söder said that he could not understand the recent debates about the lockdown. He asked himself: “What would have been going on in our country if we had slept through it?”

Update 5.25 p.m .: Services are held by the countries be allowed again, announces the Chancellor. Prime Minister Markus Söder will have to explain the exact details for Bavaria.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder at the press conference.

© dpa / Kay Nietfeld

Update 17.18 p.m .: With a little delay, Chancellor Angela Merkel is now speaking. She emphasizes that there will be a strategy in Germany regarding Corona, but regional differences. A common goal, however, is to keep new infections low until a drug or vaccine is available.

Update 4:59 p.m .: Söder and Merkel will speak soon about the easing in Germany. We are there live.

Update, 3:01 p.m .: In Bavaria meanwhile 42,495 people positive tested for the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. So far, 1816 people have died who were infected with the pathogen. This was announced by the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) in Erlangen on Thursday (as of 10:00 a.m.) on its website. The estimated number of people recovered was 31,600.

Corona / Bavaria: Söder extends exit restrictions, but far-reaching easing comes

Update, 1:21 p.m .: The federal government has announced further easing: According to this, museums, exhibitions, memorials, zoos and botanical gardens are to be reopened subject to conditions. The prerequisite for small and historic buildings in particular is that the requirements for hygiene and the observance of the necessary spacing can be guaranteed in terms of space and personnel, according to the federal government’s draft resolution for the consultation of Chancellor Angela Merkel with the heads of government of the federal states a short-term funding program of initially EUR 10 million for corona-related renovation measures is to be launched.

The playgrounds, which have been closed for weeks due to the corona pandemic, are also to open again. Parents should make sure that overcrowded facilities are avoided and basic hygiene rules are observed. Regional differences at country level are still possible. The extent to which Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) is slowing or taking measures for Bavaria is still open.

Corona virus in Bavaria: consequences of the crisis on the Bavarian labor market

Update, 12.41 p.m .: A nurse receives news of her sister’s death after a coronavirus infection. But another call from the Munich clinic changes everything.

Update, 10.14 a.m .: The consequences of the corona pandemic are now also affecting the labor market in Bavaria. As the regional directorate of the Federal Employment Agency announced in Nuremberg on Thursday, the number of unemployed rose in April compared to the previous month by around 40,700 to just under 272,000. This corresponds to an increase of 17.6 percent compared to the previous month. The unemployment rate rose to 3.6 percent. In March it was still 3.1 percent.

“The corona crisis and the associated restrictions leave clear traces on the Bavarian labor market,” said the head of the regional directorate, Ralf Holtzwart. The usual spring revival in April will not take place this year.

Corona in Bavaria: Before the summit in Berlin – Söder strongly warns of “second wave” and “relapse”

Update, 9:10 a.m .: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has warned against the hasty easing of the anti-corona measures before the new federal-state consultations. As long as there is no vaccine, there is otherwise “a second wave, a relapse,” said Söder on Thursday in the Bavarian radio. You saw that in Singapore and in other countries. “We saw some countries that relaxed very quickly and then had to do the opposite.”

Söder showed understanding if other federal states now want to move faster, but announced that he himself would remain cautious. “I am not angry with any colleague or angry with any other country if someone is more urgent or sees it differently.” But he emphasized: “I cannot make Bavaria’s situation dependent on whether a government in another country does that looks very different. “

Söder did not want to give specific dates for further openings. But if the infection happens, there will be a further normalization. “No need to worry that the condition lasts forever.”

Update, April 30, July 8: The Everyday Corona Virus brings tears to the face of a mother of three from Ebersberg every day. Here she writes her despair from the soul.

Update, 4:38 p.m .: In a large fashion company near Munich (Poing, district Ebersberg), 61 people tested positive for the corona virus *. Almost 300 smears are still outstanding.

Update, 14.17 p.m .: Masks are mandatory in Bavaria. This measure to combat the coronavirus is received differently in humans. A Nuremberg butcher’s shop is now causing a stir.

Corona in Bavaria: Demand to Söder for extended exit restrictions: “Abolish measures”

Update, 12:08 p.m .: FDP parliamentary group leader Martin Hagen has prime minister Markus Söder (CSU) asked to significantly relax the corona-related exit restrictions. “The Free State should abolish the exit restrictions in favor of a ban on gathering people,” said Hagen on Wednesday of the German press agency in Munich.

At least meetings of relatives would have to be allowed again while respecting the distance rules. Hagen emphasized: “The restriction of fundamental rights requires a valid reason, not their relaxation.” Not everything that was offered at the beginning of the crisis is “proportionate given the empty hospitals and a reproductive rate of 0.57 today”.

Hagen referred, among other things, to a decision by the Saarland Constitutional Court. After that, leaving the apartment is allowed again without good reason. And from now on you can visit your life partner and relatives privately (in a straight line) and – while maintaining the distance – bring another person.

Not all measures against the corona pandemic are accepted without criticism. An ARD commentator criticizes the mask requirement with balaclava – which in turn leads to outrage among some viewers.

Update, 10.11 a.m .: Austria, Croatia and Turkey are counting on being able to receive tourists despite the corona crisis in summer. Is this realistic? Here you will find the most important answers.

Update from April 29, 9:15 a.m .: Many innkeepers are looking forward to starting the beer gardens soon. Some in Munich are already working on concrete plans for the time after the corona lockdown *.

Corona virus in Bavaria: easing announced – Saarland with drastic step

Update 8.44 p.m .: A state that has similarly strict rules against the spread of the Corona virus Saarland has prescribed. The Saarland constitutional court has now classified the exit restriction there as incompatible with the Basic Law. The restrictions must be relaxed immediately. Could this have an impact on the curfew in Bavaria?

At least the displeasure of some citizens is becoming clearer. In Munich, a greasy finch announced his complaint in the university district: “Covid-1984” can now be read on several house walls there *.

Update, 3:14 p.m .: In Bavaria, 41,804 people are now positive for that Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 been tested. So far, 1708 people have died who were infected with the pathogen. This was announced by the State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen on Tuesday (as of 10:00 a.m.) on its website. The estimated number of people recovered was 29,580.

The new infection numbers for Munich have meanwhile increased. While there were 26 yesterday (Monday, April 26), 112 new infections from the corona virus are currently being reported in Munich.

The number of new infections in Munich on Tuesday is thus higher than it has been for more than two weeks. The last time it was higher was on April 13th with 152 new infections. The last three-digit number of newly infected people was 11 days ago.

Antibody tests are a great hope in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. But now US researchers are warning of false results.

Meanwhile, there was a scandal in a quarantine accommodation for asylum seekers in Puchheim on Monday evening. Refugees threw food around them.

Söder: “Trade in Bavaria is 100 percent open” – but the Free State extends Corona curfews

Update, 1:50 p.m .: The press conference has ended.

Update, 1:42 p.m .: Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann now reports on further easing: “We have decided that the ban on church services and demonstrations will not continue. With the necessary protection against infection, services and, to a limited extent, demonstrations will also be possible. A minimum distance must always be guaranteed – the maximum number of participants should be 50, ”said the Interior Minister. This applies from May 3.

Herrmann appeals to the population: “What we strongly recommend, such as the minimum distance, also applies, of course, to people who happen to pass a demonstration.” It was important to guarantee fundamental rights in this country. We are obviously on the right track. That is why we think these new measures are right. “

The cabinet has decided to extend the existing protective measures (exit restrictions) by one week until May 10th. This was announced by the State Chancellery.

Update, 1.39 p.m .: Minister of Transport Schreyer now provides information on the traffic situation in Bavaria. By the middle of May, everything would be started up again in Bavaria, said the minister. For example, it is about regional trains that are to be ramped up 100 percent by the specified time. Of course, it is also a matter of observing hygiene measures. For example, concepts are being considered here, such as automatic door opening or regular cleaning of the vehicles. “95 percent of citizens adhere to the mask requirement. There are additional controls to ensure that the new measure is complied with. ”The Minister thanks the Minister in particular to the drivers, who now have to check that the mask requirement is met.

Corona in Bavaria: Piazolo warns – “no normality until summer”

Update, 1:24 p.m .: Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo is now in line. “I am delighted to see the journalists again in person,” begins the minister. For the first time, the representatives of the press are on site again.

Preparing for the start-up of the schools was a great challenge, and thanks to the minister, the school principals, in particular, who had mastered this task very well. “We talked about a framework concept to talk about emergency care, infection protection and awarding grades. It is a complex process – there will be no normality in schools by summer. ”You have to be careful and think about models to get the students back to school.

“The classes we have been offering since yesterday are new,” said Piazolo. Focus on exam preparation. “We also want to bring the smaller ones back. There is a triad to accomplish booting up in steps. ”However, there would still be lessons at home. It is about classroom instruction, emergency care and learning from home. “It is important to us to give the little ones new goals as quickly as possible. I think it is right to look at Pentecost to have plans. It is our goal to bring the younger students to schools. ”

Update, 1:18 p.m .: Now Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger speaks. It is important to come to terms with a “permanent threat” in the next few months in order to enable a functioning economy. “Aiwanger has meanwhile distributed 1.2 billion euros in emergency aid. There are still tens of thousands left. Aiwanger defends the Bavarian way to handle emergency aid with care. According to this, other federal states had to stop aid processes in order to track down fraudsters.

“People equipped themselves with face masks. We are concentrating on the health sector. ”As the economy opens up more and more, the challenge is to always have hygiene measures such as disinfectants in stock.

Corona: Markus Söder warns: “Second wave will come”

Update, 1:14 p.m .: “A second wave will come at some point. It has held up very well at the moment. We have an emergency plan so we can always respond.

Accordingly, everyone should be aware that the mood in society is different. While some advocate easing, others wish to see the measures taken. It is now of the utmost importance to find a smart way to slowly get back to normal with the corona virus, said the Prime Minister.

Update, 1:10 p.m .: “The strategy for retirement homes remains clear: special protection.” However, individual visits should be feasible in the future, said the Prime Minister.

Update, 1:08 p.m .: Prime Minister Markus Söder informs that a schedule for May is to be found next week. This will always be in line with the latest figures.

The limit for shops to 800 square meters will remain. “From now on, anyone who wants to use this space can open it. This means that the trade is 100 percent open. ”

Söder also gives hope to gastronomy. According to this, a cautious opening from the end of May is conceivable.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Söder wants to continue on a cautious path – “breathing strategy”

Update, 1:05 p.m .: Masks have been mandatory in Bavaria since yesterday and the first shops have reopened. A first assessment is therefore positive, said the Prime Minister. “Virologists have helped us to avoid a situation like in Italy. We should continue to accept this advice. The virus is largely unknown. We are well advised to keep a balance between responsibility and science. It’s about balance. ”It is clear for the Prime Minister to find a life with Corona.

You need a “breathing strategy”. One is not ready to do experiments with the Bavarian population. The protection of the elderly is paramount. “There is initial cautious knowledge that an infection can have consequential damage even in younger years, so you have to act wisely now.”

Update, 2/13: The press conference has started. First, Prime Minister Markus Söder speaks. “Clearly: Corona is still present. The measures of the past few weeks have been extremely successful. We are below one in terms of the reproductive factor, so we are below the national average, ”said Söder. This shows that the Bavarian strategy was successful. The path of prudence must continue.

“The clear goal is: keep caution and caution. We need a careful way out of the lockdown. He has to take sensitive steps, ”says Söder.

Corona virus in Bavaria: store openings for everyone and further easing – does Söder react to Austria? Live now

Update, 12.45 p.m .: In 15 minutes Markus Söder will inform you about the new measures in the fight against the corona virus. From 1 p.m., in addition to the Prime Minister, Economy Minister Hubert Aiwanger, Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo (both Free Voters), Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann and Minister of Transport Kerstin Schreyer (both CSU) will inform you about the main results of the discussions.

Update, 10.17 a.m .: The behavior of Bavaria and Munich has changed fundamentally as a result of the corona virus. New data from Google and Apple now show how fundamentally our lives are upside down.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: press conference with Markus Söder – will he follow Austria?

Update, 9.28 a.m .: Austria is lifting after almost seven weeks in view of the favorable developments in the Corona crisis the exit restrictions. This was announced today by Minister of Health Rudolf Anschober (Greens). The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder had recently emphasized that Bavaria was about two weeks behind Austria. What exactly this means for the current state of affairs will change this Tuesday 13 o’clock demonstrate. We will report from then on here live from the press conference of the Bavarian Prime Minister.

Update, April 28, 7:45 a.m .: That because of the Corona pandemic Ban on public for weeks Services and Demonstrations is canceled. The cabinet wants the state government to meet in Munich today (10 a.m.) announced Easing formally decide from May 4th. Under strict pads All religious communities should then again like minimum distances between the churchgoers and upper person limits Services can offer with visitors. Until now, this was only possible without visitors via internet or television broadcasts.

In addition, the meeting will also give a first summary of those that have been in effect since this Monday (April 27) Mask requirement as well as the started School lessons drawn for senior classes. Even the one announced opening greater businesses in Bavaria is addressed.

Also read: RKI-PK – infection rate increased again *

Corona in Bavaria: dispute over compliance with the distance rules gets out of hand

Update at 9:23 p.m .: What’s next for the students in Bavaria? At the press conference, Markus Söder first mentioned a point in time by which all learners should be back in school.

Update at 6:52 p.m .: In the dispute over compliance with corona distance rules, an angry customer threw a cucumber against the cashier in a supermarket in Wilhermsdorf near Fürth. The cucumber bounced off the protective glass of the cash register and damaged a ceiling lamp on the market, the police said on Monday.

The cucumber attacker escaped the supermarket on Saturday, not without his companion verbally insulting the cashier. The two customers had not wanted to adhere to the distance rules and had a dispute with the employee about it. The called police were able to locate the two men. You can now expect a report for property damage, insult and violations of the Infection Protection Act.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: 1636 people have died so far

Update 5.48 p.m .: In Bavaria, 41,415 people have now tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. Have died so far 1636 peoplewho were infected with the pathogen. The State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen announced on Monday on its website. The estimated number of people recovered was 28,900 people.

Update, 5:05 p.m .: At the press conference, Prime Minister Markus Söder looked badly stricken. The State Chancellery now made a statement as to what was going on. It is said to have been pollen, i.e. a hay fever, which currently concerns the CSU politician.

Update, 4:05 p.m .: Not only the country and the restaurants are or were closed for weeks. Schools and daycare centers too – and some with “dramatic effects” on the children, as a doctor explains.

Corona bang in Bavaria: Söder allows all stores to open after a court decision

Update, 3:34 p.m .: The state government wants to immediately implement the decision of the Administrative Court on the ban on selling large businesses. Appropriate decisions are to be taken at the meeting on Tuesday. “We stay with the Limitation to 800 square meters, but also allow larger stores to limit the retail space to 800 square meters, ”said Florian Herrmann, Head of the State Chancellery in conversation with Munich Mercury. “We will adapt the infection control regulation in the cabinet to the decision of the Bavarian Administrative Court.”

In other states, the courts see it differently. Are the sales bans really unconstitutional?

Corona in Bavaria: Söder gives restaurateurs hope – Court declares shop rule unconstitutional

Update, 3:03 p.m .:After weeks of forced closings because of the Corona pandemic Many parts of Bavaria have quietly started up again in many places. In Nuremberg, for example, there was a police spokesman on Monday initially no conflicts due to violations of the mask requirement or the distance regulations in the reopened shops.

“There are currently no problems with controls. According to what we can see, people are very disciplined with the guidelines, ”said the spokesman. According to a police spokesman, trading in Ingolstadt also continued until midday calm. The officials noticed neither queues in front of shops nor excessively crowded streets.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Court overturns restrictions – Söder reacts

Update, 2:05 p.m .: After that from the Bavarian Administrative Court Corona trade restrictions found to be unconstitutional in Bavaria, Prime Minister Markus Söder has announced corrections. Nothing changes this week, he said. “We are thinking, we wanted to do that anyway, how we will deal with next week.” Court decision.

Bavaria’s highest administrative court had declared the state government’s ban on the sale of large businesses with more than 800 square meters to be unconstitutional.

Söder said that after contradictory decisions by lower courts, there is now clarity. He did not see the decision as a criticism of the course of the state government. “So basically it is more of a security measure and confirms the prudent course compared to the somewhat looser course of the federal government. “It was not an attack, but a clarification from the perspective of the state government. “And we will then of course, implement and carry out accordingly. “

Video: Tax relief for gastronomy in Bavaria

Corona in Bavaria: Söder gives restaurateurs hope – Court declares shop rule unconstitutional

Update, 12.55 p.m .: “I think a mini Oktoberfest is unthinkable. That would also damage the reputation of the Oktoberfest, ”said Söder. The Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Aiwanger recently proposed such an alternative.

The Prime Minister says of further easing: there will be talk of further easing this week. You always have to re-evaluate and then make decisions.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder talks about easing – Court declares shop rule unconstitutional

Update, 12.47 p.m .: Bavaria’s highest administrative court has declared the ban on sales by the state government in the corona crisis for large businesses with more than 800 square meters to be unconstitutional. The judges see this as a violation of the Basic Law because of the unequal treatment with smaller shops. The Bavarian Administrative Court (BayVGH) announced on Monday. The court did not override the rule.

Markus Söder speaks live: patience and creativity are now required

Update, 12.50 p.m .: “Bavaria is a country that loves freedom. Keeping the balance between freedom and security is now the core task. I advise patience and creativity. We were very lucky that we were spared the fate of others. We shouldn’t stumble on this lead. Therefore: Act smart, ”says Söder.

Update, 12.45 p.m .: “We have to make sure that immediate aid arrives faster. That is the greatest effort that the Federal Republic has made since World War II, ”said the Bavarian Prime Minister.

After the crisis, one had to think about starting again. For example, the automotive industry should already be ramped up. Lufthansa, which is currently complaining about heavy losses, should not be nationalized. That would not benefit the airline in the long run. “Saving Lufthansa is elementary, but not in the form of nationalization.”

Update, 12.40 p.m .: Markus Söder gives hope to gastronomy. It may be possible to implement the first easing measures at the end of May. It follows a similar road map to Austria, but is always two weeks behind. Something must also be done about the loneliness of the elderly. For example, individual, permanent contact persons could be introduced here.

The further opening of daycare centers will also be discussed during the week. Should it become apparent that small children are not contagious, one should also talk about loosening in this regard. The families always come first.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder NOW speaks live about the current situation – and gives hospitality hope

Update, 12.35 p.m .: Markus Söder is currently speaking live and provides the latest information on the Corona crisis. He warns directly: “You have to be careful. We have everything in view. We try to create an overall concept. We have to plan a life with Corona. Perspective, time axes are necessary. And regional differentiations. “

Update, 11:18 a.m .: The CSU chief and Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder keeps a slow Restaurant reopening only conceivable from the end of May. He said that, according to participants, on Monday in a video section of the CSU party executive. The CSU top in the video section clearly distanced itself from the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU). He had complained on Sunday evening on the ARD that virologists changed their minds every few days. That leads to uncertainty.

Söder said without saying Laschet by name: “It would be wrong not to listen to virologists, because they have advised us well so far.”

Update, 10.55 a.m .: Prime minister Markus Söder (CSU) has indicated easing for mass sports in Bavaria for the coming week and at the same time linked to the development in the Bundesliga. He announced on Monday that the future of amateur athletes and clubs in the Free State during the Corona crisis would be debated on Bavarian radio. Söder expects a decision whether and how the restrictions can be relaxed and training can be started “maybe next week, I would say”.

While professional clubs in Germany are training again with restrictions, for example with as little contact as possible, this is not yet allowed for amateurs. The Bundesliga wants to continue their season without spectators as soon as possible.

The development is also important for popular sports, Söder said. “It also depends on whether the Bundesliga really starts. I think it should be a bit in line, ”said the Prime Minister.

Corona virus in Bavaria: crisis hits Adidas hard – juicy slump in earnings

Update, 10.08 a.m .: The Bavarian sporting goods manufacturer Adidas has sales and revenue in the first quarter due to the Corona pandemic Slump in profits have to accept. Earnings from continuing operations decreased 97 percent to EUR 20 million, as the company announced in Herzogenaurach on Monday. Sales decreased by 19 percent to 4.75 billion euros. For the second quarter, Adidas announced an even stronger drop in sales and earnings. Furthermore, more than 70 percent of stores worldwide are closed, it said. Adidas did not provide an outlook for 2020. The group had recently withdrawn the original forecast due to the economic consequences of the Corona crisis.

But corona loosening in sight? New Söder announcement leaves room for speculation

Update from April 27, 8:05 a.m .: Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has more Easing of restrictions in the Corona crisis
provided in promising. “If this works well this week, then we can think about further relief,” Söder told Bayerischer Rundfunk on Monday (“B5 aktuell”).

Söder said he wanted to continue on a cautious path for Bavaria. End of the week Balance sheet drawn, among other things, with a view to trade and local transport. The line is: Better a week later than the others – and on the safe side.

On the urging of the Bavarian Vice Government Minister and Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) for faster easing, for example for the gastronomySöder said: An economy minister primarily has an eye on the economy, that goes without saying. Ultimately, however, decisions must be made with overall responsibility.

Corona in Bavaria: As of today, a mask requirement applies – Söder with clear words about the next easing

8:24 pm: The number of reported infections with the Corona virus rose to 41,295. This means that the number of Sars-CoV-2 infected increased by 344 compared to the previous day. The State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen reported on Sunday (as of 10 a.m.) on its website.

The number of deaths related to the virus infected, rose in the same period by 29 to 1613. According to the State Office, an estimated 28,300 people are considered healthy again. On Saturday, the estimates were 27,530 recovered.

The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) is seen as a representative of strict measures against the coronavirus pandemic. But these days there is criticism – now there is also a political heavyweight speaking: President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) warns: “Not everything has to step down from the protection of life.” One who dreams of an Oktoberfest despite clear decisions is the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger (free voters) *. With his model, beer gardens could also reopen in “a few weeks,” says Aiwanger.

In the Corona crisis, restaurateurs in Bavaria are slowly but surely losing patience *. In the meantime, innkeepers are openly opposing the loss of their business base.

Corona in Bavaria: Masks will be mandatory from tomorrow – Söder with clear words about the next easing

Original article from April 26, 2020:

Munich – The exit restrictions have been in effect in Bavaria for almost five weeks now *. Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) had the Measures prescribed from March 21. A lot has happened since then, the numbers show positive trends, and the first easing has already been decided. The major innovations will then be implemented next Monday (April 27). In addition to the Opening of shops there is a particularly big change: the Mask requirement.

Corona virus in Bavaria: major innovations – the mask requirement is coming

All of Bavaria will have a mask requirement from next Monday (April 27) until further notice. These new regulations accompany the easing of the Exit restrictions, which in particular includes opening all stores. However, the mask requirement also applies to local public transport, which is subject to heavy fines.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Markus Söder gives little hope of further easing

Prime Minister Markus Söder does not expect major decisions at the next one Telephone switch from Chancellor Angela Merkel with the Prime Minister on April 30th. “I think it’s good to exchange ideas as often as possible,” said the CSU chief in a published on Saturday Focus online-Interview. “But I would this time don’t expect too much. It would make sense if we did an update next Thursday, but did not take any additional rash actions. ”The situation in Bavaria had changed clearly improved. “Our experts say: We saved the Free State from the worst,” said Söder in the conversation. Still, it takes patience – in politics and the population.

Winfried Kretschmann, Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, has decided to take a special route in the corona crisis. Current developments from Baden-Württemberg can be found here in the new news ticker.

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