Special coverage of the centennial of the 1918 armistice at Euronews

On November 11, 1918, a huge world massacre has ended. during World War I, Only 20 countries managed to maintain a neutral position until the end of the conflict. Europe, particularly affected, was completely transformed after the Great War.

The consequences of this "first major industrial butcher shop" in history have now reached many countries.

Exclusive reports and testimonies

A hundred years later,l & # 39; armistice deserves special coverage: this week Euronews offers a series of reports and videos with testimonies from all over Europe, which allow us to better understand the monstrous dimension of the conflict.

In 2013, Angélica Genovese, with 101 years, recounted her memories of November 11 in the documentary "The Children of the Great War" by Alessandro Bettero.

The British writer Tim Locke taught us his grandfather's diary, which never talked about his memories of the war.

We also sought the opinions of the youngest. Julia Kellerman is a French woman who participated in a Franco-German-Polish project on the memory of the Great War.

And even some puppets. Perhaps few know that the famous French Guignol "participated in the Great War". Twice. The suffering fighters could see the works of Guignol in the front, and even a series of postal letters was published to animate troops and families.

The Le Guignol de Lyon theater has also joined the commemorations with a theatrical work in which the puppet explains the end of the war to the children … And to the adults.

The director of the show Philipp Seclé told us his point of view on the conflict.

Armistice Ceremonies live

Sunday November 11th, they will be able to continue to live the great day of planned ceremonies in France, the United Kingdom and Belgium, on this same page, and on our television channel.

We will report from 9:00 in the morning central European time.

in Paris, At least 80 heads of state, heads of government and representatives of international organizations, including Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, will commemorate this centenary with French President Emmanuel Macron. At 11:00 am, the French leader will reignite the flame on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, installed under the Arc de Triomphe, and around noon, will deliver a speech.

At the same time in London, Two minutes of silence will be saved. Queen Elizabeth II will preside over all the ceremonies. A march of nearly 10,000 people is organized in the British capital to pay tribute to soldiers who have fallen on the battlefields.

While inside Ypres, Belgium, even at 11 in the morning, will play the last post, the sound of the cornet to remember the armies of the Commonwealth. It was in this city that the first gas attack in history took place in 1915. The names of the 55,000 British soldiers who died during the battle are engraved on the Ypres war memorial.

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