Special edition of the Salsa Festival will arrive on Cuban Television

At the end of March the transmission of a television program dedicated to the cultural event organized by Maykel Blanco is planned.

The current epidemiological situation that Cuba is experiencing with the outbreak of COVID-19 has imposed a new reality on the social and economic landscape. In this context, artists have sought alternatives to accompany their followers, finding spaces for each of the arts on Cuban Television.

That is the case of the Salsa Festival, event that for five years occupies important places in the preference of the Cuban and foreign public who admire the danceable sounds that identify the national culture.

This year the salsa event will take place at the end of March from a different perspective, but with the same purpose of making the work of the most relevant exponents of the genre available to the majority.

The musician, producer and conductor Maykel Blanco is the manager of the initiative that is sponsored by the Havana Carnival Company and the Artistic and Literary Representations Agency ARTex.

The arrival of the national television signal and the digital platforms of the Salsa Festival responds to the organizers’ objective of preserving the frequency of the meeting, which has among its main values ​​the possibility of bringing together followers from various latitudes and the exchange between artists and the public. .

In statements by the leader of Salsa Mayor to Cuban Radio, it was learned that five programs of approximately 27 minutes for television are currently in the post-production phase, in addition to an audiovisual of more than one hour for digital platforms.

“Taking into account the situation we live in from a health point of view, we decided to do something different to avoid the crowding of musicians, so it will be a base orchestra (Salsa Mayor), with which other important cult musicians of the genre will interact,” said Blanco

A special roster has been made up for the sui generis edition: the singer and trumpeter Alexander Abreu, leader of Habana D´ Primera, the versatile Alain Pérez, the singer Haila María Mompié, the drummer Giraldo Piloto, director of the Clímax group, the flautist José Luís Cortés, director of NG La Banda, Elito Revé, director of Charangón, percussionist Samuel Formell, leader of the group Juan Formell y los Van Van, as well as vocalists from the main top-level dance groups in the Cuban sound environment.

Among the characteristics that the television edition of the Fetival de la Salsa 2021 will have, it is worth noting the fact of presenting interviews with directors of emblematic groups of the Havana Carnival, conductors of orchestras and dance teachers, to which is added a tour of the five editions previous of the festival with the projection of significant moments.

The artistic direction of the program will be in charge of the versatile Edith Massola and Maykel Blanco himself, both have thought of a proposal so as not to let the year go by without the popular salsa celebration and always with the interest of fostering moments of enjoyment for the dancing public.

Cubavisión is expected to broadcast the Salsa Festival 2021, which also includes spaces for dance classes, an option accepted and expected every year and in which renowned dancers have contributed to the learning of this Cuban rhythm that has achieved many followers in the world.

Regarding the main advantage of this broadcast, the charismatic musician commented: “Firstly, not a year will go by without talking about this event that has already become a benchmark for the Cuban musical movement inside and outside the country.

“This year, with the peculiarity that it will be broadcast, we will not have the usual feedback that occurs immediately, nor the socialization that is achieved through social networks, but we trust that the national audience will be greater, because those who love Cuban music and they are not in a position to travel to the place of the presentations, they will be able to enjoy them from the safety of their homes, and that is another important value.

Undoubtedly, the display of the Salsa Festival 2021 will be among the most accepted alliances between Cuban Television and the country’s cultural institutions at a time when health requirements prevent face-to-face activities and crowds of the public.


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