Special: Five tips to be successful in the Hyper Scape

Special: Five tips to be successful in the Hyper Scape – Hyper Scape has now been available for over a week and as you already got last week can read, we are working hard on this new free-to-play Battle Royale shooter. Now that we are enjoying it, we have played the necessary games and along the way you will of course develop some skills, experience and skills in the gameplay. Are you new or are you going to join soon Hyper Scape car? Well, here today we have five tips to get you started in the battle for the crown, or victory. Neo Arcadia is waiting for you and with these tips you are one step closer to victory.

Land on the outside

All Hyper Scape players are dropped into Neo Arcadia by means of a pod and they come from four sides and go towards the center. That is why it is often a busy goal in the middle and it often happens that you die very quickly. After all, it is a race against time to be the first to loot weapons and thus eliminate the enemy. In that sense, it is more convenient to land a little on the outer edges. You will see other players flying in their pod and you can determine your route based on them. On the outer edges it is usually a lot quieter and that allows you to quietly search for your loadout and with a little luck you will encounter the same weapon or hacks several times, so that you can fuse it. It’s a slow start, but with the right loadout and fused material you are a lot stronger in your shoes. In other words, don’t drop blindly anywhere, but look for the outside and determine your landing location based on others.

2. Use the hack ‘Armor’ when you have the crown

The unique feature to win a game in Hyper Scape is that in addition to killing all opponents, you can also hunt for the crown. It will appear in the final sector over time, and the goal is to keep that crown with you for some time so you can claim victory that way. However, the point is that you are then a wanted target and in those cases it is important to have the hack ‘Armor’. Fortunately, you can switch between hacks on-the-fly, so as the playing field gets smaller it is recommended to switch to this hack. After all, it allows you to temporarily build stronger protection around your character, which takes opponents more time to destroy. Since every second counts, it is wise to always approach the crown with the hack Armor, also because the cooldown is relatively short. It is not watertight security, but the chance of survival is greater – after all, the entire playing field is after you, which makes it all the more challenging. Any help is – trust us – needed and this offers you that little bit of extra protection.

3. Search for chests

You can enter the many buildings in Neo Arcadia by smashing the glittering doors and find loot there. The buildings are richly equipped with hacks, weapons and ammunition and you build a loudout to put enemies on fire. As you know, you can merge dual weapons so that you become stronger, but what is possibly even more important is the search for chests. They are a bit rarer, but you can discover them through their specific sound. These boxes also provide you with loot, but there is a little twist. The chests have a greater chance of dropping better material. In fact, you can get a completely fused hack or weapon from a chest, eliminating the need to search all the time. This saves a lot of time and if you have landed in a busy area, then it is of course ideal if you have the same top level equipment. Not every box will offer you this material, but the chance is considerably greater. In short, do you see a chest? Go for it, in many cases it is very beneficial.


4. Help your squad as Echo

If you play in a team and you die, you will notice that you can walk around like a kind of ‘ghost’. This is called ‘Echo’ in Hyper Scape and you have two options. Or you look for a portal that you can enter, which sends a signal to your team that you are ready to be brought back to life. But more interesting at intense moments is not to go directly to such a portal, but to help your team. It often happens that bringing yourself back to life is too risky, especially as the end of a game approaches. Then try to help your team by searching and marking enemies with the ping system and if you can chat with players, be sure to communicate where everyone is. That can give just that advantage so that your fellow players are not ambushed or suddenly shot in the back. However, opponents won’t see you, so you can spy on them without worry. This can be very useful in the final phase, for example, to identify the remaining teams, so that the victory can be claimed. Is the portal quiet and can your team use your help? Then you can always ask for a revive, because there is no time attached to the Echo.

5. Always choose the ‘higher ground’

A firm rule in combat is that if you have the higher ground, you have the advantage. In that sense, it may be a little obvious that it applies to Hyper Scape as well. Since Neo Arcadia has many high buildings, it is advisable to always go on the roofs. You can see enemies coming from afar and you can also surprise enemies in the street below with an attack from above or perhaps even better: with the hack ‘Slam’ you can deliver a blow they never saw coming. Of course you will sometimes have to descend for a while, but as soon as you have a chance to go up again, be sure to do it. It offers an overview, you move even faster and you can reach ideal viewpoints that give you an even better view of the entire playing field. If you do this with your squad, it is ideal as you have eyes in all corners, as well as a defense in case you get shot in the back. Maybe a little open door, but try it out and you will find it helps.


Hyper Scape currently consists of two fixed modes: solo and squads (up to three men) and the Limited Time mode Faction War is now available in the game. You can from one wide selection of characters and Ubisoft will continue to add more new content during the first season. The LTM is one of them, but we can also expect new weapons and maybe even loot. By the way, do you watch Twitch a lot? Know that by watching Hyper Scape streams you can also make Battle Pass progression, you can learn more about that here find.

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