Special Tg1 “The last breath” – RAI Press Office

Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino return to speak in their own voice. The two magistrates narrate the 90-minute special film, entitled “The last breath”, by Maria Grazia Mazzola, editing by Valentina Fravili, research by Barbara Di Benedetto, graphic design by Luca Colonnelli, broadcast on Sunday 22 May , at 11.35 pm on Rai 1. The images of Giovanni Falcone will be unveiled exclusively for the first time in thirty years. A 48-hour story from the explosion, which crosses the life of Falcone and Borsellino with their wives Francesca Morvillo and Agnese Piraino Leto, with their families – from Asinara, to the mystery of the Addaura attack with unpublished news, to the clash inside the judiciary – up to the massacre of via D’Amelio and the red herrings. The special correspondent Maria Grazia Mazzola arrived thirty years ago at the site of the massacre in Capaci only a few hours after the explosion, the same evening of May 23, 1992, and recorded the only existing interview with the three surviving agents of Falcone’s escort hospitalized in hospital: Gaspare Cervello, Angelo Corbo and Paolo Capuzza. A revival noir with the testimonies of the survivors Giuseppe Costanza – driver of Falcone -, Angelo Corbo and Antonino Vullo – escort police officers -, the testimony of Giovanni Paparcuri, collaborator of Falcone and Borsellino, with the families of the victims, Maria Falcone and Vincenzo Di Fresco, with the captain Emanuele Schifani, with Salvatore Borsellino, with the magistrates Sergio Lari and Alfredo Morvillo, with the anti-mafia pool and the best friend of Paolo Borsellino, the magistrate Diego Cavaliero.

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