Species extinction as dangerous as climate change | TIME ONLINE


The World Conference on Biodiversity in Paris has started a dramatic call for biodiversity. The destruction of biodiversity threatens that
People “at least as” as the climate Changesaid the president
of the World Biodiversity Council of the United Nations (IPBES), Robert Watson. Diplomats as well as scientists of about 130
Member States discuss options for action for a week
for politics.

“The evidence is undeniable: the destruction
biodiversity and ecosystems has reached a level that is ours
Welfare at least as threatened as that of man
caused climate change, “said Watson.

For the first time since 2005, the conference will be concluded
 May 6, a global status report will be released. Therefore
150 experts from 50 countries have sponsored thousands of studies for three years
biodiversity evaluated. According to the preliminary report, up to one million animal and plant species are from
Threatened extinction. Many of them might already be coming in the future
Decades disappear.

“Man is there, in many places in the world nature in their
to destroy great diversity. The more he has to be his now
Responsibility to preserve nature, “said Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) Conservation of biodiversity also endangers mankind
own existence on the planet
, From the conference and the follow-up conferences that would have to be
Signal that “humanity is remodeling and preserving the world
Together, Creation is an energetic international force, “said Karliczek, adding that science is providing an even better picture of the situation worldwide.

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