Technology Specifications of PlayStation 5 PlayStation PC games exclusive, which...

Specifications of PlayStation 5 PlayStation PC games exclusive, which leaves him millions

We offer you via our website, the specification of PlayStation 5 PlayStation PC games exclusive, which leaves him millions of fans of electronic games, where Sony announced the leader in gaming computers about the launch of the device, the official announcement about the structure and the device, and this generation is the generation number 5 of a series of versions of the hardware of the Sony PlayStation world, which was to spread in the global market.

Specifications of PlayStation 5 PlayStation

Sony has announced about the leaks device-specific, as it offers robust performance equivalent to the technological development reached by the world of gaming, and was interested in the company of the device that offers the strongest potential to be a modern platform to run the most powerful games current or that will be issued in the future, and above all, don’t put the company’s price is great for her new so not about the $ 900.

Your PlayStation 5, Sony

Came device PlayStation Fife from Sony with the specifications of fantastic and amazing it is :

– To recommend the eight cores of the type Zen 2 Fast 3.5 GHz “frequency variable”, The Wizard graphics (graphic): 10.28-type CUs 36, the TFLOPs at a speed of 2.23 GHz, memory random (RAM): 16 GB type GDDR6/256-bit, memory range: 448 GB/second, and internal storage capacity: 825 GB dedicated type of SSD.

The quality of the storage in the device adjustable, so that it supports external storage, the type of optical drive (cylinders games): 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive.

The price of the gaming device PlayStation 5

She explained Sony in the Congress to announce the device that the price of the basic version of the device ranges from $ 600 to $ 800 dollars, which they never exceed the limit of the $ 900 maximum.


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