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Specifications of suspected Nvidia MX450 gpu with gddr6 memory appear – Computer – News

Specifications of a suspected Nvidia MX450 laptop GPU have been released at 3DMark. It would be a video card based on the TU117 GPU, which is also used in the GTX 1650. The results have since been removed from the database.

The video card was noticed by Twitter user _rogame. The chip is not mentioned by name in the benchmark, but given previous rumors it seems to be a successor to the current Nvidia MX350. The new GPU would be released in the second half of 2020, Notebookcheck says.

The alleged MX450 is said to be based on the TU117 gpu, claims _rogame. That GPU is already used in the GTX 1650. According to the benchmark, the GPU has a clock speed of 540MHz and 2GB of GDDR6 memory. The memory bus runs at 2505MHz, resulting in a memory speed of 10Gbit / s. The tdp would be less than 25W according to _rogame. The GPU would also support PCI-E 4.0. Nvidia’s current Turing GPUs support PCI-e 3.0. Since the results have since been removed, it is not known how the GPU performed in the 3DMark benchmark.

Notebookcheck already stated in March that Nvidia would work on several successors for the MX350 laptop GPU. These would be different GPUs with GDDR5 and GDDR6 memory. One of these chips now appears to have surfaced in the 3DMark database. The GPU is said to compete with the Xe DG1 GPU integrated into Intel’s upcoming Tiger Lake CPUs. Benchmark results of this Xe GPU appeared in 3DMark earlier this month.


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