Business Spending on foreign holidays evaporated, halved domestically | ...

Spending on foreign holidays evaporated, halved domestically | NOW

As a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, the Dutch hardly went on holiday from April. In the wake of this, spending on holidays across the border fell by 96 percent in the second quarter and on home holidays by 51 percent, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) Tuesday.

In the months of April, May and June, a total of only 600 million euros was spent on holidays, according to the Continu Holiday Survey (CVO), on which Statistics Netherlands bases itself. A year earlier, that was 5.4 billion euros, a decrease of 88 percent.

The decrease in the number of Dutch people who went on holiday started in March, parallel to the spread of the corona virus. In April, according to the CBS, there was a historic low in the number of people packing their suitcases. “In April, less than 400,000 people went on vacation,” according to the CBS.

That was 2.7 million people, or 88 percent, fewer than in the same month a year earlier. In May, the decline was still 77 percent less on an annual basis. “In June, the difference with 2019 was slightly smaller at 55 percent or 2.8 million fewer holidaymakers.”

Holidays in your own country are showing recovery

Where the Dutch did not actually go on holiday at all immediately after the outbreak of the corona crisis, the number of holidays in the interior picked up relatively quickly.

“In June, the number of Dutch people who went on holiday in their own country was only 19 percent lower than the year before”, according to the CBS. “There is hardly any recovery for holidays abroad; the number of holidaymakers is 87 percent lower than in June 2019.”

Spending on vacation in the Netherlands lagged behind the number of vacationers. Spending in June at 306 million euros was still 30 percent lower than a year earlier. Also fairly unique: as a result of the corona crisis, spending on domestic vacations in the second quarter was higher than on trips abroad.

“Normally, spending on foreign holidays is four to five times as high.”



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