Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse: The First Trailer Has Arrived

Rightly hailed by critics and the public for its generosity as well as its inventiveness, “Spider-Man: New Generation” will get a sequel. Or, rather, two suites! In addition to the broadcast of the first trailer, we learn that this extension will be split into two parts.

Spider-Man is not done with Spider-verse

As fans are impatient to host Spider-Man : No Way Home in theaters on December 15th, Sony takes the opportunity to teaser another highly anticipated project involving Spider-Man. In December 2018 came the incredible Spider-Man : New Generation, an attempt at animation produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. She expressed great visual and scriptwriting creativity, daring to embrace with amplitude the possibilities offered by this wonderful concept that is the multiverse. Thus, we had several versions of the superhero in a single film, to accompany the young Miles Morales. Such a triumph could not remain but an isolated stroke of brilliance and a sequel was therefore announced. It is of this that we are discussing today with a first glimpse which dazzles the eyes.

We find our hero in his room, when Spider-Gwen comes back to him for a new adventure. After a discussion, he is drawn into a hellish fall. It was then that he was joined by Spider-Man 2099 (still embodied by Oscar Isaac), a teased version at the very end of New Generation. We already knew that he would be back for this sequel and no doubt that this time he will have a more central place. For now, these images show him in what looks like an opposition with Miles Morales. Visually, the rendering is to die for, without any real surprise. So we can’t wait to see more, with a more traditional trailer.

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (Part One) ┬ęSony Pictures Entertainment

Two films instead of one!

At the end of the preview, unexpected information bursts in since we learn that the film will be called Spider-Man : Across the Spider-verse (Part One), implying as well asanother opus is already in the pipeline. A news that we warmly welcome since it guarantees us to spend even more time in this fabulous animated universe. Part 2 does not have a date yet but we hope that it will not be necessary to wait too long before discovering it. According to Chris Miller (tweet below), the design of the project took place at the same time as that of the first part, enough to suggest that a release in 2023 is clearly playable. But let’s take things in the right order and already wait to find out Spider-Man : Across the Spider-verse (Part One) the 12 October 2022.

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